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Pisces, April 2015

Pisces Love: " In the first part of April 2015 money, valuable possessions and practical aspects will have higher influence on Pisces' couple life. In the second part of the month, your house, home and family will come to the foreground. It will be as if you tried to build a more solid foundation for your relationship ..."

Pisces Career: " April 2015 will be a rather hectic month for Pisces at the professional level. You'll have many ideas, many initiatives, you'll move a lot, meet all sorts of people, discuss, persuade, make plans and arrangements. The most dynamic and efficient activities seem to be those of an intellectual nature ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Pisces, March 2015

Pisces Love: " Venus, the planet of love, will now be more interested in the practical aspects rather than the romantic ones. Pisces' couple will be preocccupied with a business, an investment or money in general ..."

Pisces Career: " The Sun will cross the sign of Pisces, lighting your way and casting light on you as well. You'll have charisma, you'll have an excellent capacity to organize and coordinate, you'll be in the center of attention and all your qualities will be properly highlighted ..."

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