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Pisces Horoscope October 2015

Love and Life as a Couple

Considering the Mars-Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Pisces’ house of couple, October 2015 could be a fabulous month.

The Mars-Jupiter-Venus trio develops a lot of energy, generating passion, desire to seduce and conquer and, by large, a need for affection. It also brings Pisceans favorable circumstances for finding love and gives a powerful impulse toward common initiatives for the couple.

It’s a month during which you might find your soul-mate, do great things with your partner, or your loved one could manage an important achievement. But you can also expect too much from your partner or manifest yourself exaggeratedly or imprudently.

In short, October 2015 promises to be a turbulent month for Pisceans in terms of love, during which significant events will take place in your relationship.

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Career and Finances

October 2015 is Pisceans’ month of collaborations and team efforts.

Jupiter, Mars, and Venus, in Pisces’ house of partnerships, are determined to widen your circle of acquaintances, bring new offers of collaboration, help you find strong allies, competent councilors, more clients, more profitable contracts. Everything evolves toward freshening up business or extra income.

Money is a hot topic for Pisceans in October 2015, because Mercury resumes its direct motion in one of Pisces’ houses of finance, house that is also transited by the Sun.

But everything is up to others, and success and material benefits come with their help. On the other hand, a difficult or non-lucrative collaboration could end.

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Mental and Physical Shape

October 2015 is lively, but very stressful for Pisceans.

You socialize a lot, but tend to be too concerned with others and give yourself too little attention. You take on too much instead of taking it easier, considering the fact you’re not in top shape, and your strength is limited.

Also, Pisceans’ nervous system is pretty sensitive in October 2015, so you’d better rest more and avoid agitation.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Pisces in October 2015

Steer clear of taking risky, impulsive, extravagant financial decisions!

Pisces Horoscope September 2015

Love and Relationships

Jupiter brings high hopes and has a lot to offer, now that it has recently entered Pisces' house of couple, where it will stay for a year.

The Greater Benefic is considered a bringer of happiness and fulfillment. But in September 2015, though it has backup (the Sun is also in Pisces' house of couple), Jupiter can't be at its finest and at full capacity, because the ruler of the house in which it's situated is positioned unfavorably, and also retrograde.

There's risk that your partner will pull back or have other intentions than those you were hoping for, or that you discover something you won't like. Or, if the relationship is okay, common reasons of concern might arise: financial or professional issues, someone close becoming sick, and so on.

In September 2015, in Pisces' house of couple there's a Sun eclipse, tiding of surprises and unusual happenings.

Your love & relationships horoscope for September 2015 can be better understood in the context of Pisces love & relationships horoscope 2015 (opens in new window).

Career and Money

The professional climate of September 2015 is characterized by dynamism and getting involved. It's a busy time, you work under pressure, but your efforts are well rewarded or you enjoy what you do.

Collaborations are important for Pisces throughout the month and you might get some new offers and promises. However tempting, be prudent about them! Either things aren't what they seem, or, even if there are good intentions, unpredictable elements could appear that would affect the partnership.

The financial aspect is marked by Mercury's retrograde motion in September 2015, in one of Pisces' houses of money, and by a Moon eclipse in your other house of money. So things might evolve unexpectedly, which means you'd be better off spending moderately and putting some money aside for potentially special circumstances.

Pisces career & money horoscope 2015 might provide context to your career & money horoscope for September 2015 (the page opens in new window).

Body and Mind

You pay a lot of attention and dedicate a lot of energy to health, lifestyle, taking care of your body and/or cosmetics. You might be doing that at someone's prompt, someone who matters a lot to you.

In September 2015 you have a lot of responsibilities hanging over your head, which predisposes you to stress and overdoing it. You should focus on what's essential and not get involved in too many things.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Pisces in September 2015

Let others make do on their own, focus on your own issues!

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