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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Pisces

Latest Monthly Update:
Pisces, July 2015

Pisces Love: " Pisces' house of eroticism is very busy. That's where the Sun, Mars and Mercury - ruler of Pisces' house of couples - are. So July 2015 has huge romantic potential. Mars heightens sexuality, the instinct to win over and your adventurous spirit. The Sun vitalizes and emphasizes, and Mercury ..."

Pisces Career: " July 2015 is active and prosperous. You work heartily and you're efficient. Everything you do comes out right and creative-artistic pursuits, where you need to be expressive and talented, are successful ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Pisces, June 2015

Pisces Love: " The position of Mercury, ruler of Pisces’ house of relationships, suggests that couple interests for Pisces gravitate around home: they can be related to building, redecorating or renting a house, landscaping or gardening, moving or other home-related initiatives. ..."

Pisces Career: " June 2015 has a lot of professional potential for Pisceans. All you need is a good approach strategy. With Venus and Jupiter in Pisceans’ house of work, favorable situations present themselves, which bring you to the fore, consolidate your prestige and give you financial satisfactions. ..."

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