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Scorpio Horoscope November 2010

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November 2010 Horoscope Scorpio: Love & Relationships

The power of your feelings and the intensity of the erotic impulse will stay as strong as last month.

The thirst for love will join the dream of having an extremely passionate affair. But if something went wrong last month, it was because you were not on the right way and you didn't have the right attitude, or you simply had unrealistic expectations.

In November 2010 the odds will be in your favor. You'll start to clear up and calm down and the effects will be visible until next month.

November 2010 Horoscope Scorpio: Career & Finance

With the Sun in your sign, you'll shine, stand out, impose, and advance.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will help you seize the unexpected opportunities you'll be given, and promote your image and qualities.

The financial factor will be strongly highlighted, and your merits will be rewarded as deserved.

On the other hand, you'll take out all your resources, not only to get a better position or more praise and appreciation, but also to earn more, discover new sources of income, make profitable investments or transactions.

November 2010 Horoscope Scorpio: Health & Morale

You'll be at the best of your shape. Not only will the transit of the Sun through Scorpio lend you prestige, but physical and psychical strength as well.

You might decide to go for a medical procedure that will require a higher expense. If so, you won't regret it. You'll pay the money, but you'll indeed solve the problem.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Scorpio in November 2010

Be patient with the others, including the loved one! You don't hold all the information to draw a clear conclusion now.

Mihaela Dicu

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