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Love and Life as a Couple

As if Saturn's restrictive presence in Taurus' house of couples wasn't enough, Mars (which is the ruler of Taurus' house of couples) will start its retrograde movement on March 1st 2014. And it will go on like this until May 20.

The retrograde movement is unnatural and brings abnormalities, blocks and other inconveniences. You'll have to have a very good morale or a very strong relationship to go over this period without "turbulence".

Even so, however, there still can be troubles in March 2014. The possible medical or professional problems of the person besides you can alter your personal harmony, and the same can happen if you have to face together some obstacles coming from the outside or some unpleasant and burdening obligations.

Fortunately though, Taurus is a robust and lucky zodiac sign, so that you'll probably end well eventually.

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Career and Finances

Mars, the planet of action and initiative, but also of stress, will start its retrograde movement on March 1st in Taurus' house of work. The effects will not exactly be positive.

You could face blocks, lack of energy, of motivation or of coordination in carrying out tasks, outbursts of disorganized and impulsive activity, crisis situations, disagreements, rivalries or other turbulence in the relationships with colleagues or subordinates, maybe even work accidents or other stressful situations.

In short, things will not develop within normal parameters and you'll need discipline and planning in order to succeed.

For now, in March 2014, in spite of all headaches, there are chances for promotion and success.

Financially, you'll be very well, but in the second half of March 2014 you should try and keep your practical sense and moderation.

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Mental and Physical Shape

Taurus' health will be something not to kid around with in March 2014. Retrograde Mars could unveil older ailments or could easily bring some new ones.

Mars is a specialist in accidents, muscle problems, infections, inflammations, acute diseases, fever, fits, outbursts, painful crises, burns, cuts, irritations and blood diseases.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Taurus in March 2014

Participate in a collective activity of a creative, esoteric or humanitarian character!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Taurus Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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