Leo Horoscope March 2014

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Love and Life as a Couple

At last, after it has long kept everybody waiting for it, Venus has decided to move away from Leo's house of work and enter Leo's house of couples. It's good news, because Venus brings harmony, affection and seduction, which is exactly what you need for a happy spring beginning.

Moreover, at the end of February, Mercury resumed its straight movement, still in Leo's house of couples. In March 2014, communication will become fluent again, clear and sincere, which contributes considerably to good understanding.

The first part of the month will be especially appropriate for sharing impressions and ideas, for debating subjects that need to be examined, debating negotiations, even flirts, letter exchanges or sentimental declarations.

March 2014 will be an excellent month for having fun and socialising and can facilitate the meeting of a person that will mean something to you.

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Career and Finances

On March 5th 2014, Venus will leave Leo's house of work after a stay of four months, which must have had special significance for the relations with colleagues, for the work comfort and work atmosphere, for expressing talent and creativity.

Venus brings chance and benevolence, but does not love effort. Without Venus, things don't have the same charm anymore, work becomes more sober and more demanding again, but it will definitely be more dynamic, more professional.

Success will greatly come by means of effort, but good relations, collaboration and partnerships will also have a major contribution.

March 2014 will be beneficial for contracts and can bring Leo people new alliances or team projects.

Financially, there will be some extra money that you'll receive, and some issues that have been rather mixed up in the past weeks will be clarified.

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Mental and Physical Shape

Leo's vitality might not meet expectations in the first two decanates in March 2014. Neither will morale.

However, very serious health problems aren't likely to occur if you don't commit any major imprudence.

Anyway, you'll have to take care of yourself, and if you suffer from certain ailments, you'll have to follow the prescribed treatments.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Leo in March 2014

Be careful when driving or travelling, speak calmly and no more that you need to!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Leo Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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