Gemini Horoscope March 2014

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Love and Life as a Couple

Venus, the planet of love and couples, will finally be in a favorable position, after four months in which it has been in a rather gray area of the horoscope.

Jupiter, the ruler of Gemini's house of relationships, will be well supported. And Mercury, Gemini's "boss", will stand close to Venus in the first part of March 2014, and in the second part it will give a helping hand to Jupiter.

You don't have to be a genius to put things together and draw a conclusion: in March 2014 your relationships will develop well.

Stop! The corollary will only be true for stable and tested relationships. Incipient love stories, passionate sentimental feelings and gallant adventures can take dramatic turns, can be troublesome and problematic.

In March 2014, Gemini's erotic impulse will tend to be reckless and to generate imprudence. The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is not to be neglected.

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Career and Finances

A lot of hard work, rather difficult to do, but with accordingly great satisfactions.

Located in Gemini's house of work, Saturn will urge for effort, tenacity and perfectionism. Fortunately, it'll be in friendly relationships with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, which promises fulfillment and expansion and which (fortunetely!) is in Gemini's house of money. Your hard work will therefore be fruitful.

And that's not all. In March 2014, Saturn will also be in a good relationship with the Sun, which promises success and brightness, and which (fortunately again!) will be precisely in Gemini's house of career and success. In other words, you'll benefit from glory, in addition to money!

And if we count the fact that Mercury, Gemini's ruler, has resumed its straight movement at the end of February and it is now in the top position of the horoscope, it'll become very clear that March will be one of the most profitable months of 2014.

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Mental and Physical Shape

No matter how busy you'll be, don't ignore health!

Schedule your activities in such a way as to allow enough time for rest and a certain order in your day-to-day life.

In March 2014 you're recommended to avoid inappropriate conditions (cold, dampness, insufficient light, loud noise, etc.), excesses and prolonged stress.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Gemini in March 2014

Don't get over enthusiastic, try to think rationally!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Gemini Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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