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Love and Life as a Couple

On March 5th 2014 Venus will leave Cancer's house of couples, where it has stayed for almost 4 months, while it usually crosses a star sign/ house in approximately 4 weeks.

This prolonged stay of Venus in Cancer's house of couples has undoubtedly had a purpose. Most probably the purpose has been to draw your attention on some aspects of the relationship that needed to be looked at more closely.

It is also possible that the aim of this prolonged stay of Venus in Cancer's house of couples has been for you to be taught a lesson of benevolence and tolerance, encouraged to learn how to express your affection or how to receive it. Or to be made aware of what it is you expect of the person by your side too. Or something else. Only you will understand, with hindsight of the events that have taken place since November, what Venus' message has been.

Hence forward, things should unwind a bit. Unless Venus happens to have been preparing you for a new love.

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Career and Finances

Venus' unusually long transit through Capricorn (November 7th 2013 - March 5th 2014) might have ended up with a series of consequences on professional relationships as well, not only sentimental: collaboration, association, contracts, relations with customers or consultants, etc. It is expected that they will now affect Cancer's finances as well one way or another (hopefully in a beneficial way!).

It is also some material improvement that the harmonious position of the Sun, the ruler of Cancer's house of couples, will speak about.

As regards success, in March 2014 it won't be too far either. It's just that you might be forced to insist, maybe even re-take some steps that haven't been very inspired in the last months.

The most interesting events seem to be related to studies, legal regulations, trips, long-distance contacts. Cultural activities will be encouraged.

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Mental and Physical Shape

Even if you are tormented by some concerns, in March 2014 you shouldn't worry about health.

You'll be in a generally good shape and, as long as you don't overdo it, you don't really risk causing lack of balance to the body.

All you have to do is exercise as much as possible and watch your diet, because in March 2014 you could put on weight easily.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in March 2014

Try to avoid possible complications related to home and family!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Cancer Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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