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Love and Life as a Couple

Mars, the ruler of Aries, will start a retrograde movement on March 1st 2014 precisely in Aries' house of relationships. This unnatural movement (that will last until May 20th 2014) foreshadows a complex period, scattered with unexpected events, in which the development of situations can take sudden turns.

Another effect of Mars' retrograde movement in Aries' house of relationships could be the tendency of going back to the past: an older relationship might come back to attention or topics that weren't settled clearly in their own time might be talked about again.

Mars has a pasionate, but also conflicting character. The evolutions of the type love-hatred, jealousy, rivalry are characteristic of it.

In fewer words, in March 2014 Mars will focus your energies on relationships, which it could test fiercely, to check how strong they are. However, it is not excluded that it will bring you a new love also.

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Career and Finances

Mercury, the ruler of Aries' house of work, resumed its straight movement a few hours before the beginning of March 2014: misunderstandings will be clarified, and things will come back to normal.

Your achievements will be encouraged by friends and supporters and they could bring along some enhanced popularity. In March 2014 you'll have an advantage from joint projects and from those related to actions that put together people who are motivated by shared interests or aspirations.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't imagine that everybody likes you! Retrograde Mars in Aries' house of relationships could awaken older enmities, could interfere with collaboration relationships and partnerships and could allow attacks and confrontations to take place. It is not excluded that you'll even have to deal with some calumny or betrayal.

Earnings will be satisfactory in March 2014, but beware when it comes to financial institutions (banks, the IRS, etc.).

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Mental and Physical Shape

Although the shape seems to be getting better progressively, one cannot say for now that you are completely out of danger.

Stress will be one of the worst enemies of Aries in March 2014, and imprudence and excesses could put you in unwanted situations.

The risk of accidents and incidents will maintain, and exposure to diseases will be greater in the second part of the month.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Aries in March 2014

Avoid circumstances that could lead to conflicts!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Aries Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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