Aquarius Horoscope March 2014

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Love and Life as a Couple

The atmosphere of March 2014 will have the scent of love. Mercury, the ruler of Aquarius' house of passion and eroticism, will be right in Aquarius, where Venus, the planet of love, will come too on March 5th 2014. You should expect a sensual month that promises delights.

With Mercury and Venus by your side, you'll become sexier, you'll manifest a greater power of attraction and fascination, you'll draw attention and seduce without any effort. At the same time, affection will amplify and you'll feel a great need for closeness and tenderness.

You'll receive compliments, declarations, you'll have opportunities with sentimental potential. You can easily be caught in a trap, because the tendency towards pleasures will be big and because you have a major difficulty in saying "no" to temptations.

If you're in a solid relationship, March 2014 will be a wonderful month for harmony, communion and fun together.

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Career and Finances

A lucky month, in which you'll work productively and can have nice earnings.

In addition to the energy and enthusiasm lent by Jupiter, located in Aquarius' house of work and daily obligations, you'll also have the charm that Venus will give you. People will like you, will look at you nicely and will do you favors, there will be collaboration proposals, new contracts.

Until March 17th 2014 you'll also enjoy Mercury's presence: your mind will be very sharp, ideas will come in great number, you'll have great ease in expressing yourself, both in writing and in speaking.

Things might go with more difficulty when it comes to studies, to contacts with universities, research institutions, publishing houses and culture institutions.

Trips and contacts with people from far away need to be approached with precaution in March 2014, because they can bring incidents and troubles.

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Mental and Physical Shape

You'll be in an excellent shape, you'll overflow with energy and vitality, especially in the first two weeks of March 2014. You'll have a catchy good mood.

Theoretically, you shouldn't be concerned about health.

In spite of all this, there will be something that Aquarius people shouldn't lose control of: the tendency towards excesses. It's recommended that you control especially the lust for sweets, delicacies and fatty foods or with high calories.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Aquarius in March 2014

Take care of yourself, make yourself beautiful, change your wardrobe!

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR
Aquarius Astrological Forecast March 2014.
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