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Cancer Horoscope March 2013

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Love and Relationships

The seductive Venus will be in a powerful position and will make good aspects with Saturn, the ruler of Cancer's house of couples, and with Pluto, located in your house of couples. The configuration will be auspicious for the sentimental and the marital life.

There will be weeks of understanding, harmony and synchronization, excellent not only for sentimental manifestations, but also for solving some issues that regard the couple's problems and future.

Romantic emanation will go together with maturity and the practical sense. You might now decide on some issues related to children or there might appear circumstances leading to higher erotic satisfaction.

It will not be a month of frivolity, but a month of deep experiences, of genuine search and wise solutions.

You might take a sentimental trip or have a long-distance love story. Intellectual, cultural or spiritual affinity will create an appropriate environment for enhancing the relationship.

The last decanate of March 2013 could be more restless. Beware!

Your love & relationships horoscope for March 2013 can be better understood in the context of Cancer love & relationships horoscope 2013 (opens in new window).

Career and Finance

March 2013 will encourage studies, scientific and cultural preoccupations, and will open new horizons at the intellectual level. It'll be a good period, for instance, for doing a specialty course, for publishing an article and doing some research for a paper.

Business trips, collaboration with the people at a distance, tourist or import-export activities will be encouraged.

On March 12th 2013 Mars will enter Cancer's house of career, from where it'll accelerate the processes related to profession and status, will motivate and stimulate you, but it could also make you face critical situations.

Mars' encounter with Uranus, which has wanted for a long time to make changes or bring novelty to the sphere of profession and status, will speed things up and will trigger percussive events: radical changes of situations, stress, emergencies, bewilderment, loud events, conflicts or even break-ups.

Fortunately, chance will eventually be on your side, and in case anything really disturbing happens, it'll all be to your own good.

Finances don't seem to be affected in March 2013, they'll even get better in the last decanate.

Cancer career & finance horoscope 2013 might provide context to your career & finance horoscope for March 2013 (the page opens in new window).

Fitness & Morale

The pressure will be big, and the physical equilibrium will not be very stable.

The first part of March 2013 could be troublesome, especially against the background of some excesses or imprudence.

Stay away from food poisonings, allergies, polluting agents and other harmful waste and avoid the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, medicine, etc.!

Relax by reading or by a creative-artistic preoccupation!

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in March 2013

Review your scales of value and priorities!

Mihaela Dicu

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