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Libra, May 2015

Libra Love: " In the last two decans of May 2015, Libra's love and couple life will have to do with distances, culture and spirituality. By the side of your dear person (or due to them), you can explore new territories, mental or geographical. ..."

Libra Career: " With Venus in Libra's house of career, in May 2015 you can have nice satisfactions without big efforts. Chance will come in the shape of the support on behalf of a woman or of someone who likes you. ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Libra, April 2015

Libra Love: " Until April 11th 2015, Venus will stimulate Libra's interest in the mysterious (maybe even taboo) side of love, in its deep, psychological aspects. After April 11th, Venus will favor unions that will broaden your horizon (spiritually, culturally and even geographically) and can bring you a romantic trip ..."

Libra Career: " Collaborations will permanently be on your agenda and new contracts might appear. You'll get involved in activities that will bring many people with the same preoccupations together. You'll have the talent to mobilize the others for a shared project ..."

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