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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Libra

Latest Monthly Update:
Libra, July 2015

Libra Love: " Librans go through a rough patch when it comes to relationships. During this time, emotional aspects entwine with social or professional ones for Librans. Your feelings might influence your career choices, your partner might support or oppose you, and so on ..."

Libra Career: " Librans' professional life is very busy this month. The Sun and Mars, in Libra's house of career, give you a lot of determination and a dynamic, offensive attitude. Nothing can stand in your way when you've set an objective for yourself ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Libra, June 2015

Libra Love: " With Venus and Jupiter in Libra’s house of social life, you’re likely to have a great time in June 2015, to attend parties or various social gatherings together with your pair, to meet someone new at some reunion, meeting, congress, class, or under different circumstances where people with shared interests are gathered. ..."

Libra Career: " An excellent month, with all resources at your disposal to succeed. You’re very popular and you’re lucky or skillful enough to find protectors, supporters and friends willing to help you out with whatever you intend to do, to back you up and promote you. ..."

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