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Cancer Horoscope January 2010

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January 2010 Horoscope Cancer: Love & Relationships

Oh, relationships! All your interest will be focused on love, marriage, friendship or other social interactions. You'll reflect yourself in the others, you'll act together with the others or for the others.

With Venus and the Sun in your house of couples, the thirst for love will be enormous and you'll exert strong sex-appeal to the opposite sex. That does not rule out though a certain amount of stress that can come either by means of faulty communication or some financial misunderstandings.

In love or at home, the environment will stay rather tense...

January 2010 Horoscope Cancer: Career & Finance

A lot will be going on around collaborations and contracts, the area in which unexpected evolutions, novelty and surprises can come along.

It'd be more prudent not to make strong commitments before the second half of January 2010 unless you've analyzed the implications very carefully (or you've asked for advice from somebody competent in the matter) or it's about an older initiative.

Financially, with retrograde Mars in the house of money, the present decisions can be made a bit too soon and can have important consequences - so be careful!

January 2010 Horoscope Cancer: Health & Morale

You won't have great planetary support, so you'd better use your physical strength wisely and protect yourself as much as you can against nervous tension.

Avoid stress, tension and worries, get some rest, eat healthily! Every now and then, it wouldn't hurt if you indulged yourself in small pleasures that could raise your morale.

The last decade will provide a better shape.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in January 2010

Make sure you understand exactly what the other means and that, in their turn, the other understands your message correctly!

Mihaela Dicu

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