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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Capricorn

Latest Monthly Update:
Capricorn, July 2015

Capricorn Love: " Capricorn's house of couple is very active in July 2015 (if not even loud!). That's because the Sun, Mars and Mercury are passing through. The Sun invigorates and enlightens, Mars polarizes energies and passions, and Mercury gives you a taste for new things and change ..."

Capricorn Career: " Capricornians go into a more relaxed term in July 2015, after weeks of overdoing it, emergencies and complications. Venus, ruler of Capricorn's house of career, is close to Jupiter. That pushes you to make complex plans that have a significant financial stake ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Capricorn, June 2015

Capricorn Love: " With Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn’s 8th house, June 2015 is favorable for introspection and analysis, perhaps even psychological approaches. Now you become aware of subtle details or uncover important information, meant to help you understand how your pair and your relationship function. ..."

Capricorn Career: " With the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Capricorn’s house of work, June 2015 is a busy month. You have a lot of work to do, you’re burning a lot of energy, you have to face some emergencies or situations that force you to make quick decisions. ..."

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