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Capricorn, May 2015

Capricorn Love: " With Venus in Capricorn's house of relationships and with the Sun in Capricorn' house of eroticism, in May 2015 you'll be among the happy people of the zodiac. Venus is the planet of love, sensuality and understanding, and the Sun, with its glow, will shine and highlight. ..."

Capricorn Career: " In May 2015 you can establish new partnerships and close profitable deals. In competitions or litigation, Capricorn people will have an advantage. You'll have a lot of work though, the pressure will be high and critical situations may occur, which will require prompt decisions and fast interventions. ..."

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May 2015 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Capricorn, April 2015

Capricorn Love: " Mars, the planet of passion, will be in Capricorn's house of eroticism throughout April 2015. This position of Mars' will chase away your inhibition, will enhance your romantic enthusiasm and will lend you the courage to experiment at the sentimental and sexual level ..."

Capricorn Career: " You'll have a great capacity of expression, which can be exploited exceptionally in the creative-artistic domain. Capricorn's talents of any kind will be clearly marked out in April 2015. The power of expression can find efficient use in any action of launching, promoting or representing ..."

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