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Latest Monthly Update:
Capricorn, March 2015

Capricorn Love: " The attention of Capricorn's couple will go to pragmatic objectives, such as the home and family. These will be dynamic sectors, maybe even hectic. You might move houses, redecorate, solve some problems related to parents, etc. ..."

Capricorn Career: " March 2015 will lend you imaginative ideas and a lot of intellectual or practical creativity, but it will expose you to reasoning errors. Money will especially come through other people or by means of secret/discreet sources ..."

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March 2015 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Capricorn, February 2015

Capricorn Love: "With Venus and Mars in Capricorn's house of communication, eroticism will blossom in words. You'll speak a lot with (or about) your loved one, you'll write love notes, emails, text messages or even poetry..."

Capricorn Career: "February 2015 will be excellent for intellectual activities, training, acquisition of new knowledge and information, writing, editing, etc. You will also do well in exams or interviews..."

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Capricorn monthly predictions, February 2015

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