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Cancer Horoscope December 2015

Love and Life as a Couple

With Venus in Cancer’s house of love and pleasure, December 2015 is full of sensuality. Cancerians’ emotional and sexual receptivity is amplified, and things arrange themselves in such a way to create the appropriate circumstances for flirting, falling in love, and love games.

In the second and third decans of December 2015, Mercury is in Cancer’s house of relationships, stimulating communication, but also curiosity for new things and diversity.

It’s a favorable term for starting new relationships, but it could also bring a new rush into an existing one, that, if solid, could go through a time of rekindling.

In December 2015, in Cancerians’ love life, time is harmoniously divided between fun and domestic responsibilities.

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Career and Finances

You’re very busy before the Holidays, so you’re pretty worked up. That’s because the Sun is in Cancer’s house of work until December 22 2015, emphasizing the importance of professional life, mobilizing you, getting you to act, but also bringing you satisfaction.

It’s a term during which the Sun lends you its strength and brilliance, helps you assert and distinguish yourself, to shine.

In December 2015 Cancerians aren’t spared difficulties, but they can work independently and can show talent, good training, and organizing skills. In the end, their efforts are well rewarded financially.

But Mars, ruler of Cancer’s house of career, says that something might occur to determine you to reconsider some objectives or trigger certain changes.

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Mental and Physical Shape

In December 2015, an interest in health could be very present in Cancerians’ lives.

On a background already prone to that because of Saturn’s presence in Cancer’s house of disease, the Sun’s transition through this astrological house could cause unpleasantness, decisions or initiatives of a medical nature.

Cancerian’s lifestyle could also go under scrutiny.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in December 2015

Enjoy everything that’s good and beautiful in life, but don’t forget caution and proportions!

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Cancer Horoscope November 2015

Love and Relationships

On a pretty sober background, the Sun and Mercury’s transit through Cancer’s house of love lightens and livens up the atmosphere.

The pleasures of life demand their rightful place, and things arrange so you encounter opportunities favorable for fun and love. Your sexuality is vigorous and you have a tendency toward flirt and gentleness.

Also, the New Moon on November 11 2015, that also takes place in Cancer’s house of love, could herald the beginning of a new approach to sexuality and feelings.

All things considered, you should know that only serious relationships make it, based on deep connections, where partners share not only pleasure, but also responsibilities.

Your love & relationships horoscope for November 2015 can be better understood in the context of Cancer love & relationships horoscope 2015 (opens in new window).

Career and Money

The first part of November 2015 is very intense, even agitated for Cancerians. It’s a time of endeavors and initiatives, of travels and meetings, very efficient for solving current issues.

The second part of the month doesn’t enjoy the same flow. The square between Neptune and Saturn – situated in Cancer’s house of work – makes its presence known more and more, among others through lack of focus, being disorganized, and complicated, hard to untangle situations.

During the second half of November 2015 you have to put in an extra effort to set things right and follow your objectives purposefully.

Financially, you’re okay by large throughout the month, but you should be careful during the last decan.

Cancer career & money horoscope 2015 might provide context to your career & money horoscope for November 2015 (the page opens in new window).

Body and Mind

Jupiter, ruler of Cancer’s house of health, isn’t in a strong position in November 2015 and isn’t well aspected by other planets. Also, Saturn is in Cancer’s house of health, from where it makes a critical aspect with Neptune.

It’s a sensitive term that demands paying closer attention to how your body functions, following medical indications strictly, and avoiding any risks or imprudence.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Cancer in November 2015

Get involved in an energetic activity involving home or family!

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