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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Month by Month Sun Sign: Cancer

Latest Monthly Update:
Cancer, July 2015

Cancer Love: " With Mars in Cancer, your instincts are strong, your emotions acute, your manifestations intense, and your sexuality at its peak. The effect of Mars' transit is double because, for Cancers, Mars is not only the planet of adrenaline and sexuality, as it is for everyone, but also the ruler of their house of passion ..."

Cancer Career: " Cancerians' initiative and dynamism are at this year's max in July 2015. With the Sun and Mars in Cancer, you have bold ambitions, you feel the need to assert yourself, to display your qualities, to be the center of attention and action ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Cancer, June 2015

Cancer Love: " For Cancerians, professional and financial interests mix with relationship ones. That’s because Venus, the ruler of love, is in Cancer’s house of money for most of June 2015, and Saturn, the ruler of Cancer’s house of relationships, is in Cancer’s house of work until June 15. ..."

Cancer Career: " With both Benefics – Venus and Jupiter – in Cancer’s house of money, June 2015 brings you good luck with finances. To get that money though, you might have to do some secret maneuvering or resort to some less than orthodox methods. ..."

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