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Cancer, June 2015

Cancer Love: " For Cancerians, professional and financial interests mix with relationship ones. That’s because Venus, the ruler of love, is in Cancer’s house of money for most of June 2015, and Saturn, the ruler of Cancer’s house of relationships, is in Cancer’s house of work until June 15. ..."

Cancer Career: " With both Benefics – Venus and Jupiter – in Cancer’s house of money, June 2015 brings you good luck with finances. To get that money though, you might have to do some secret maneuvering or resort to some less than orthodox methods. ..."

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June 2015 monthly horoscope for Cancer

Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Cancer, May 2015

Cancer Love: " Venus, the planet of love, will enter Cancer on May 8th 2015, where it will stay until June 5th. The presence of Venus in Cancer will enhance your power of seduction, sensuality and romantic enthusiasm. You'll need love and you'll be looking for your soulmate, whom you can now find. ..."

Cancer Career: " With the Sun in Cancer's house of support and popularity, in May 2015 you'll find the necessary resources to reach your professional objectives relatively easily. Venus, located in Cancer, will also contribute to your success, especially through the enhancement of your social abilities, diplomacy and personal charm. ..."

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