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Aries Horoscope February 2016

Love and Life as a Couple

For Arians, February 2016 is an active month in terms of relationships, and socializing is common occurrence.

You have a great time with your partner, with friends. If you’re single, you could meet the person of your dreams during some social event: a party, show, conference, and so on.

Anyway, during February 2016 Arians shouldn’t stay at home. The more they go out, the livelier and richer their love life will be.

Conversations, correspondence, travel, studies or information are particularly important for Arians’ love life.

During the first part of the month something about Arians’ love life might impact their work or career. Or the other way around: some professional aspect could influence the couple.

Your love and relationships horoscope for February 2016 can be better understood in the context of Aries love & relationships horoscope 2016 (opens in new window).

Career and Finances

Luck is on your side during February 2016: Venus, the Lesser Benefic, transits Aries’ house of career, from where it forms a benefic trine with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, situated in Aries’ house of work.

Under the influence of such an astrological configuration, things evolve to your advantage without you putting in much effort. Whatever you want to do is very likely to get done. New opportunities arise, you’re successful, and your actions are profitable.

In addition to that, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus take turns at stimulating your house of Good Spirit (Agathos Daimon, as the Greeks called it), that offers support, protection, and popularity.

Financially, February 2016 marks the beginning of a very active cycle for Arians, that stretches for a duration of a few months during which you’ll make a lot of money – but only with calm, care, and good planning.

Aries career & money horoscope 2016 might provide context to your career & money horoscope for February 2016 (the page opens in new window).

Mental and Physical Shape

If Arians have experienced health issues lately, in February 2016 these can be improved or even resolved.

Mercury, ruler of Aries’ house of health, is well positioned. So February is good not only for health, but also for anything to do with personal hygiene, diet or lifestyle.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Aries in February 2016

Attend all events you’re invited to! If you can, organize one yourself!

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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Aries Horoscope January 2016

Love and Relationships

Because Venus, planet of love and ruler of Aries’ house of relationships, is in their 9th house, January 2016 is provocative and full of adventures for Arians. Routine becomes hard to bear, you want something special.

To captivate you, a relationship has to offer wider perspectives (both physically and psychologically), bring something new to the table in terms of knowledge or spirituality, connect with far-away places or abroad, or help you evolve, gain a wider, fuller perspective.

You can enjoy all that with your loved one, or be attracted to someone who promises such experiences.

You could also have to make a choice that has to do with principles, values.

Your love & relationships horoscope for January 2016 can be better understood in the context of Aries love & relationships horoscope 2016 (opens in new window).

Career and Money

In January 2016 the Sun is in Aries’ house of status and career, and forms a trine with Jupiter, in Aries’ house of work. So Arians’ success comes through the enthusiasm with which they work and good results in fulfilling responsibilities.

You are respected, your merits recognized, and you could gain an award, a promotion, or reach an ambitious objective.

Mercury’s retrograde motion in Aries’ house of career could emphasize the importance of the intellectual act, communication, and travels. But it could also signal tough negotiations, readdressing contractual terms or the comeback of older projects.

Financially, Arians should ponder on their endeavors and decisions, more so during the first half of the month.

Aries career & money horoscope 2016 might provide context to your career & money horoscope for January 2016 (the page opens in new window).

Body and Mind

Among other things, Mercury is also the ruler of Aries’ house of disease. In January 2016 Mercury is retrograde in an area from which it forms a conjunction with Pluto and a square with Uranus.

So Mercury could give you some trouble, could determine you to pay more attention to health and make some changes in areas like lifestyle and hygiene.

Excesses, rushing, and lack of attention could cause trouble.

eAstrolog’s Advice for Aries in January 2016

Take a closer look at your professional goals and make a list of priorities!

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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