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Aries, June 2015

Aries Love: " Arians are likely to be happy in June 2015. Venus, the planet of love – and also the ruler of Aries’ relationships – meets Jupiter, The Greater Benefic. And not just anywhere, but in Aries’ house of pleasure and eroticism. Things couldn’t be any better! ..."

Aries Career: " Venus and Jupiter form a trine with Uranus, which is exactly in Aries. This trine is very favorable for progress, change, and development. Now is the time to set your plans in motion for new projects and re-launch old ones. It’s time for bold initiative. ..."

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Previous Month’s Horoscope:
Aries, May 2015

Aries Love: " The first week of May 2015 will bring in Aries people's lives a lot of communication and movement. Starting May 8th 2015, Venus, the ruler of Aries' house of relationships, will step into a quieter and more isolated area, orienting the interests of the couple towards family, home, properties. ..."

Aries Career: " With the Sun in the house of Aries' finances, money will mobilize you very well in the first two decans of May 2015. And in the first decan you'll mobilize usefully, due to the trine between the Sun and Pluto. As regards ambition and strive, the perspective is not very bright. ..."

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