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Aries, April 2015

Aries Love: " Jupiter will continue stimulating the erotic instinct of Aries people and their appetite for love affairs. On the other hand, Mars, the ruler of Aries, will settle in a safer, more comfortable area, and it is still there that Venus will also be in the first decan of April 2015 ..."

Aries Career: " An active month at the financial level. The first decan, by the simultaneous presence of Mars and Venus in your house of money, can bring Aries people special opportunities. Beware: the tendency towards waste will also be there! ..."

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Aries, March 2015

Aries Love: " The first part of March 2015 promises to be passionate and full of surprises for Aries. Mars and Venus will both be in Aries: Venus is the planet of love and seduction, and Mars is the planet of desire and conquest. The Mars-Venus combination has a huge erotic potential ..."

Aries Career: " You can rely on the support of Jupiter, which will form a trine with the planets in Aries and will bring you chance, promotion, new openings, creativity. You can also rely on the support of Venus, which will bring you good luck with money and success through social networking, collaborations and partnerships ..."

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