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February 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope February 2016

The first decan of February 2016 is marked by a Mercury-Venus-Pluto triple conjunction in Capricorn, in a trine with Jupiter from Virgo and in a square with Uranus from Aries.

This astrological configuration triggers very intense situations in relationships and could accelerate change, particularly through affirming desire for evolution, development, independence, autonomy or even setting free one or both parts.

Things may happen suddenly or unexpectedly, in a context of accumulation, but the final effect is positive in most cases.

On a personal level, these tendencies could manifest in love, marriage, friendship, collaborations, and various contractual rapports. On a grander scale, alliances are particularly targeted as well as other forms of cooperation at a national or international level.

Also during the first decan, the Sun forms a sextile with Saturn and a square with Mars, at the same time. This configuration could stimulate and hasten the accomplishment of a project with an already settled strategy. Mars and Uranus’ meddling pushes things somewhat and could be rather confusing. Careful, particularly during the New Moon days around February 8!

During the last decan of February 2016, the Sun’s transit updates the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. It can be a confusing, difficult term, so be careful.

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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January 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope January 2016

With a Sun-Pluto conjunction and a Venus-Saturn conjunction, the first decan of January 2016 is intense and serious. It seems to be more suitable for activities that require seriousness, focus, and perseverance, rather than socializing, love, and entertainment. The atmosphere could be compromised by mistrust and suspicions, which are enhanced by the lack of communication.

The second decan of 2016 unfolds in a more relaxed atmosphere, though not without difficulties.

On January 20 2016, the Sun enters Aquarius, and in the third decan it will move toward forming a square with Mars from Scorpio. The Sun-Mars square will be perfected on February 8, but it becomes active as soon as the Sun enters Aquarius, meaning on January the 20th.

The Sun-Mars square could be dangerous because it instigates aggressiveness and conflict, and predisposes to accidents. The warning is all the more serious since we’re dealing with a superior square, when the destructive effects of Mars are even stronger.

In fact, all of January 2016 presents a risk of confusing, violent, unpredictable events: the Uranus-Pluto square is fully reactivated, first by the Sun’s transit (the Sun-Pluto conjunction perfects on the 6th, and the Sun-Uranus one on the 7th of January), then on the New Moon on 9-10 January (the Moon is in conjunction with Pluto and in a square with Uranus) and, last but not least, by Mercury’s transit, which makes two conjunctions with Pluto (January 22 and 30) and two squares with Uranus (January 20 and February 1).

In January there are 3 major events that have to do with a retrograde cycle:

1) Mercury is retrograde between 5 and 25 January 2016.

The retrograde motion takes place in the first two degrees of Aquarius and in the second half of Capricorn. But the full retrograde cycle begins with Mercury’s first entry in Capricorn, on December 10 2015, and ends with its last exit from Aquarius, on March 6 2015.

This retrograde cycle of Mercury is meant to emphasize the mercurial symbolism: information (books, internet, mass media), intellect and intellectual activities, communication, movement, trips and travels, commerce, education, teenagers, pupils and students, schools, activities that require skill and agility, and so on.

During the term when Mercury is retrograde (5-25 January) there could disturbances, incidents or unusual occurrences in mercurial areas.

2) Mars begins its retrograde cycle on January 3 2016.

Mars’ retrograde cycle takes up to three quarters of 2016 and takes place in Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Mars will be actually retrograde between April 17 and June 30, but the retrograde cycle starts with Mars’ entry in Scorpio on January 3 2016 and ends with its exit from Sagittarius, on September 27 2016.

Some Mars-natured events of January 2016 could have consequences that will be felt throughout the whole year or could have meaning in a larger context, having to do with the whole retrograde cycle.

Mars means action, initiative, competitiveness, passion and sexuality, industry, cars, mechanisms, tools and iron, blood and muscles, but also aggressiveness, struggle, conflict, emergencies, crisis, armed incidents, accidents, fires, explosions, and all violent events.

3) Jupiter begins its yearly retrograde motion on January 8 2016, at 23°14' in Virgo. It will be retrograde until May 9 2016, when it resumes its direct motion at 13°15' in Virgo.

Jupiter’s retrograde motions don’t have major meaning, because they occur yearly and take 4 months each time. However, during the term when its motion direction changes, like the first half of January 2016, there can be disruptions or particular events that have to do with Jupiter-related symbolism.

Jupiter has to do with justice, culture, spirituality, religion, administration (including government), higher education, exports, wholesale, tourism, sports, and social activities.

All Jupiter-related areas are in the spotlight particularly during the first half of January 2016, or even throughout the month, because Jupiter is in a tight conjunction with the Lunar North Node – that is an intensifying factor – during all of January.

Copyright ©
Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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