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Things will finally start to calm down.

After the first seven months of the year 2014 were bewildered by the cardinal cross formed by Uranus (located in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn), and the eighth month was disturbed by the conjunction of the two malevolent planets (Mars and Saturn), September 2014 will mark the turning point towards a state of trust and fruitful activity.

In the first part of September 2014 some echoes of the Mars-Saturn conjunction could stil be felt. Caution especially for Scorpios, Taureans, Aquarians and maybe Leos!

September 2014 will be under the influence of the Jupiter-Uranus trine, an aspect that has to do with setting free, with opening, expanding, progressing, and flourishing.

Moreover, at the middle of September, Mars will enter Sagittarius, forming a very energetic and enthusiastic Grand Trine in Fire signs with Jupiter and Uranus.

From the effects of the Grand Trine in Fire will first and foremost benefit Aries people, Leos and Sagittarians, who will now be full of initiative and vitality, will encounter unexpected opportunities and new roads to explore, will enjoy accomplishments, success and chance. Geminians, Librans and Aquarians might also be favored.

In fact, each of us may feel a wave of optimism and freshness in one area of life or another.

It's all about seeing reason and avoiding excesses and fanaticism. That's because in the second decan of September 2014, Mars will form a square with Neptune, an aspect that can entail emotional disorder, out-of-place euphoria, exaggerate idealism and false perception of reality.

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September 2014 Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope
Free astrology predictions for all Western zodiac signs in September 2014

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