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The Fire trine that Uranus (located in Aries) will form with Jupiter (located in Leo) and with the fast planets that will cross Sagittarius (Venus, Mercury, the Sun) will bring a wave of enthusiastic dynamism, of interest in changes, progress and development, which will particularly manifest in the first two decans of December 2014.

It will be a constructive configuration, which will create an opening for each of us in one area of life or another. We just need to be alert and seize the opportunities as we go.

On the other hand, the square between Uranus and Pluto will be recreated, with bewildering effects, most probably sudden, unexpected or brutal.

After the date of December 10th, Venus will be caught between Uranus and Pluto, with possible troublesome consequences for relationships, understanding and cooperation. Communication can also be affected in the second part of the month.

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December 2014 Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope
Free astrology predictions for all Western zodiac signs in December 2014

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