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October 2015 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope October 2015

October 2015 is a very dynamic month, influenced by a Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction brings physical prowess, an appetite for life and action, a will to get involved in projects that demand a lot of energy and daring.

But the Mars-Jupiter tandem can also manifest in a negative way, generating a tendency toward carelessness, exaggeration, excess, foolish acts and risks.

October 2015’s astrological configuration includes a square formed between Saturn and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. So a series of initiatives, while starting with a rush now, could encounter obstacles later on or could fail for lack of patience, foresight and perseverance.

Another significant astrological aspect of October 2015 is the opposition between the Mars-Jupiter tandem and Neptune. This configuration could trigger illusions, false impressions, risk of errors or confusion.

Finally, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction forms a nice trine with Pluto. This astrological aspect enhances ambition and is favorable to those who know what they want and are willing to do everything necessary to achieve their purpose.

All in all, it looks like a dynamic month full of opportunities, but that must be approached with care and wisdom. October 2015 could get arrogant, immature, inpatient and irresponsible people in trouble, but the serious, tenacious, well-oriented ones could achieve great things.

Be careful: October 2015 predisposes to accidents and conflict, and to health issues of a cardiovascular, inflammatory, infectious, congestive, hemorrhagic (and so on) nature.

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September 2015 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope September 2015

September 2015 is a dynamic, passion-filled month, with surprising changes and evolutions.

Three planets change the direction of their motion: Mercury becomes retrograde, while Venus and Pluto change from retrograde to direct motion.

Mercury is retrograde in Libra, opposing Uranus and in square with Pluto. Venus resumes its direct motion around Mars, in the fiery sign Leo. Both events create a predisposition toward rapid and unpredictable evolutions, sudden events. They also bring a predisposition toward short tempers and impulsive reactions.

We'll also experience a Sun eclipse (September 13 2015) and a Moon eclipse (September 28 2015). The Moon eclipse is caught in a tense configuration, with ill tempers and lack of stability. Both eclipses can bring surprises, as eclipses generally tend to do.

A more significant aspect is the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. Its effects will be felt for the whole month of September 2015.

On a larger scale, the Jupiter-Neptune opposition gives rise to religious fanaticism, law-related or financial quarrels or having to do with swindles, fraud, controversial stock or bank operations.

On a personal level, the Jupiter-Neptune opposition could bring promising perspectives leading to wrong tracks, unrealistic hopes, rather nebulous moral or spiritual conceptions, financial difficulty or loss, risk of being swindled or stolen from, issues regarding morality, image, lack of moderation, greed, excess, waste.

All in all, September 2015 is a lively, challenging month, full of adventures. You shouldn't play with fire during this month.

Let's be calm and reasonable!

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu
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