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November 2014 Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope

Astrology predictions for each Western zodiac sign in November 2014: love, career, mood, astrologer's advice. Free monthly horoscope November 2014.

Monthly horoscope Month: November 2014

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Astrology predictions, November 2014

Monthly horoscope

November 2014 will be a complex month, inconsistent and tough.

Mars and Pluto will be together in Capricorn - a strong, determined combination, which will admirably focus on goals but which does not joke around and can generate radical, shocking, destructive actions.

Located in Scorpio, Saturn will come into contact with the fast planets Venus and Mercury, a sign of seriousness and perseverance, but doubled again by inflexibility and lack of goodwill.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction combined with the Saturn-Venus-Mercury conjunction can channel huge powers towards a constructive purpose.

However, in parallel, the Mars-Pluto tandem will be in conflict with Uranus in Aries, which can be the sign of some serious troubles that will occur suddenly, unexpectedly.

Simultaneously, Uranus will have a good relationship with Jupiter located in Leo, a configuration which can bring some people a solution or some unexpected support.

Finally, Jupiter won't exactly have friendly relationships with the fast planets and Saturn, which can entail a tendency towards lack of measure.

The influences described above can manifest in turns or simultaneously at a macro, collective level, but also at an individual level for anyone, in one or more areas of life.

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November 2014 Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope
Free astrology predictions for all Western zodiac signs in November 2014

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