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August 2015

Monthly horoscope

August 2015 is a contradictory and somewhat problematic month, especially for relationships.

Venus is retrograde and in a square with Saturn for the duration of the month. The Venus-Saturn square may give rise to tensions in romantic relationships, in collaborations or friendships. On a macro scale, it can be harmful toward alliances and unfavorable for peace.

Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter until August 11 2015. The Venus-Jupiter pair can be generous, covering up basic issues. It can also be excessive, including in a negative way. That's because Jupiter, while traditionally called the Greater Benefic, can amplify everything: including unfortunate influences.

The first decan of August can be unstable or unfavorable when it comes to finances. That's because Venus and Jupiter are tied to money and valuables.

Jupiter goes into Virgo on August 11 2015, and it will stay there for a year. While in Virgo, Jupiter will oppose Neptune, located in Pisces, and this can have a negative effect on things related to justice, religion, and education.

Other than that, August 2015 is a very dynamic and passion-filled month. It keeps us on our toes and won't bore us at all.

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August 2015 Monthly Horoscope
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