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May 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Even if it comes with its own set of issues, May 2016 is a lot more forgiving than previous months. It’s actually heartening, in more ways than one.

During the first two decans of May 2016 the fortunate relations between Jupiter (the Greater Benefic), situated in Virgo, and the planets that transit Taurus (the Sun, Venus, and Mercury) create a wave of enthusiasm and optimism. Everything goes smoothly, and if there are some mix-ups or obstacles, we approach them in a relaxed manner and find solutions. The way things go changes, how one looks at things changes.

Mercury is retrograde until May 22 2016, when it resumes its direct motion. But this time Mercury retrogrades in a more favorable astral context, that emphasizes the positive aspects of retrograding: greater ability to analyze situations in depth, to reconsider some things in a constructive manner. It’s a good time to rethink a strategy, to fix some errors, to resume a discussion, presenting arguments in a new light, to reconsider, renegotiate.

Jupiter resumes its direct motion too, on May 9 2016, which greatly increases your strength.

Jupiter’s positive power is backed up by positive aspects with the rapid planets that transit Taurus, but also by the old trine with Pluto, that is on its way to being perfected (it will be perfected in June).

But Jupiter also has a force that disturbs, aided by negative aspects with Saturn, Neptune, and Mars. This disturbing force could cause disarray in some areas of personal life for each of us.

On a macro scale of things, Jupiter’s disturbing force sets in strong motion things related to borders, migration, and international business, to fraud and grand-scale deceit (the Wolkswagen and Panama Files scandals are just two examples, that show what Jupiter is capable of when disturbed by the square with Saturn and by the opposition with Neptune), complications that have to do with legislation, education, religion or culture, and health (the wave of illnesses like Zyka and such is also related to the T square between Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune, particularly through zodiac signs in which the three planets are situated). It can even be part of setting in motion destructive natural phenomena.

In any of the areas mentioned above, things could take a turn for the worse during May 2016, but more so after the 20th, when rapid planets (the Sun, then Venus) transition Gemini, from where they make dissonant aspects with Jupiter (situated in Virgo), Saturn and Mars (both in Sagittarius), and Neptune (in Pisces).

Finally, Mars continues to be retrograde. The road through Sagittarius is the most dangerous, because it ties it in an unwanted manner to the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune combo, and, during the third week of the month, to the Sun and Venus. On May 27 2016 Mars re-enters Scorpio in retrograde motion, where it feels more comfortable.

In short, May 2016 is a very interesting and stimulating month, that offers many opportunities, particularly during the first two decans. But it also has a risky side, troubling or destabilizing, active particularly during the last decan, mostly between 20 and 27.

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Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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April 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Another month of action and agitation.

First of all, the Sun and Venus’ pass through Aries refreshes the Uranus-Pluto square, with all the implied angst and surprises. It’s an aspect with renewing, transforming effects, but with a potential for violence and confusion. On a macro scale, it particularly influences the political and financial spheres.

Then we still have to deal with a pretty tight T-square between Jupiter (situated in Virgo), Mars and Saturn (both in Sagittarius), and Neptune (in Pisces). The configuration has subversive, destabilizing effects, and, again, potentially violent ones. It has to do with fairness, morality, and justice, with religion and culture, idealism and fanaticism, with frontiers and migration and, again, with politics and high-level finances.

We’ve met this T-square during March too, but now there’s a new element, that changes things a little. And it doesn’t change them for the better. It regards the way Mars moves and the area it moves in.

Mars starts its retrograde motion on April 17 2016 in Sagittarius, near the fixed star Antares (scientifically Alpha Scorpii). Also, because the apparent speed is slowed down a lot during the weeks around the date when it begins the retrograde motion, Mars is almost all the time around Antares during April 2016.

Antares is a red supergiant star (with a diameter about 900 times larger than that of the Sun) in the Scorpio constellation, often called The Heart of Scorpio. It’s one of the largest and most luminous stars visible on the ecliptic and together with Aldebaran, Regulus, and Formalhaut, forms the group of four “Persian Royal Stars”.

In astrology, Antares is a star with relatively small influence – except in situations when its influence is heightened by aspects formed with first rank planets. And in April 2016, its proximity to Mars is one such case.

The name Antares comes from Greek, where Άντάρης (anti-Ares), means “rival/equal of Mars”. That’s because many of Antares’ effects are of a Martian nature. Antares could give courage, ambition, and pioneering spirit, but can also bring danger, destruction, and violence.

On a macro scale, Antares is tied to founding fortresses and nations, great adventures and discoveries. On the other hand, it’s connected to wars, nuclear events or disasters, assassinations, terrorist acts, extremist manifestations, racism or discrimination, fires, shipwrecks, smog, and pollution.

During April 2016 all influences mentioned above are enhanced by Mars’ vicinity to Antares.

But Mars is not the only one in retrograde motion during April 2016. Toward end of month Mercury beings its retrograde motion too.

Due to the motion imposed by the retrograde cycle, Mercury spends more time in Taurus, but this doesn’t raise any particular issues. On the contrary, through the positive aspects with Jupiter, the Lunar Nodes, and Pluto, it could be a steadying and moderating factor. But there’s an issue, again. Just like Mars, Mercury deigns to start retrograding in an unfavorable spot: at 23°35' in Taurus, near Algol, a fixed star.

Algol (or Gorgon’s Head, or Beta Persei) is a double star with a very bad reputation. The English call it “Demon Star”. In mundane astrology, Algol is tied to attacks, armed conflicts, fires, collective disasters, plagues, natural disasters, brutality.

Just like Mars, Mercury doesn’t get to make a direct conjunction with the star in question, but it’s retrograde close enough to it to give us pause for thought. Let’s hope it’ll be only situations that touch critical mass but don’t degenerate in the worse possible way.

Copyright ©
Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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