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August 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope August 2016

First of all, August 2016 is under the influence of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. In traditional astrology, this conjunction is to be feared because it implies the two so-called "malefic" planets. It will trigger effects during August 2016 and a good portion of September. It has also been active this year during March, April, and May.

When very well configured (planets being in Dignity and/or in good aspects with benefic planets), the Mars-Saturn conjunction increases drive, resilience, and organizing spirit, is favorable toward making decisions, and can have a constructive role. It emphasizes structure, getting organized, firmness, courage, and perseverance. On a macro scale, the Mars-Saturn conjunction contributes to strengthening authority and targets particularly the political, industrial, agricultural, and construction environment.

When in a bad configuration (Mars and Saturn being in Debility and/or in bad aspects), the Mars-Saturn conjunction brings political perturbations and turmoil, agitation, risk of violence, riots, and attempts. State and government leaders, army or police could go through tense moments. Statistically, there’s a higher rate of accidents (particularly collisions, falls, crushing, crashes, land-slides), fires, and explosions. Natural disasters might occur. There might be failures, falls, drama or even deaths in the artistic and sports world, but also among those who are or have been powerful: members of royal families, presidents, prime-ministers, and so on.

In August 2016, the effects of the Mars-Saturn conjunction could be mixed, because the conjunction receives both supporting aspects from the Sun and Uranus, and adverse ones from Neptune, Jupiter, the Lunar Nodes, and Mercury. But the negative effects seem to outnumber the positive, so caution is needed.

On the other hand, during August 2016 we have a beautiful conjunction among the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, which aspires to peace and prosperity, and pleads for alliances, cooperation, and reconciliations. Despite difficulties and trouble, people tend to have an optimistic and benevolent attitude. For many, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction brings joy in love, fun, parties, vacations, and enjoyable voyages that can be sprinkled with some trouble here and there.

Considering the fact that it’s not in good relations with the Mars-Saturn conjunction, the Venus-Jupiter one can also show its negative side – that pushes toward exaggerating, excesses, extravagance, overestimating the value of things or people, waste. It can also bring up amorous or morals-related scandals.

Each of us can feel the effects of the two conjunctions in different areas of our lives, more or less intense, depending on our personal chart.

To conclude, an observation: August 2016 is not a balanced month, so we need solid basis and sound judgment to remain within the boundaries of comfort and security.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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July 2016 Overview Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope July 2016

July 2016 is, without a doubt, a lot more relaxed than previous months.

Mars has resumed its direct motion at the end of the previous month, so energy is consumed in a more efficient manner, actions are more coherent, and initiatives are better inspired. Many of us now begin to learn from (often stressful) experiences of previous months. And many of those who have wandered or even made backward steps find their path again, the one that leads toward reaching objectives.

Mercury is close to Venus for almost all of the month. This combination of planets is excellent for socializing, communicating, and getting informed, and promises pleasant and fruitful travels too.

But don’t expect some global flawless harmony. The T-square formed by Jupiter (situated in Virgo), Saturn (in Sagittarius), and Neptune (in Pisces) is still active in the background. It can still bring out stuff that’s buried deep down (fraud, deceit, lies, and so on) and could worsen things regarding large-scale migration and religious dissent. The Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square involves the mutable signs, so it tends to generate instability and change.

Then, the transit of rapid planets through Cancer leads to another T-square, formed with Uranus from Aries and Pluto from Capricorn, active during the first three weeks of July 2016, and very active for the first two. This time it’s a T-square that involves cardinal signs, so it could lead to rapid action, crisis, confusion, and even violence.

But during the whole term one mustn’t forget that anything can be negotiated: we have the Mercury-Venus conjunction on hand, and it would be a shame not to benefit from its benefic energy.

July 2016 also has other significant trump-cards:

- intuition, imagination, creativity, passion, and power of expression – gifted by the pyramid of Water signs (formed by the rapid planets from Cancer with Mars from Scorpio and Neptune from Pisces) during the first three weeks of July;

- energy, ardor, courage, and renewing initiative – gifted by the pyramid of Fire signs (formed by the rapid planets transiting Leo, with Uranus from Aries and Saturn from Sagittarius) during the second part of July 2016, particularly so during the last decan.

Astrologer: Mihaela Dicu, AAR

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