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Monthly horoscope Month: May 2014

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May 2014 will mainly be focused on relationships. It will highlight, acutely and sometimes unexpectedly, couple relationships, but also collaborations, associations or friendships.

Venus, located in Aries, will form a conjunction with Uranus and an opposition with Mars. Mars will resume its straight movement in the sign of couples and relationships. The Sun-Saturn opposition will make reconciliation difficult.

Therefore, in May 2014 relationships will tend to start and end rapidly, unexpectedly, in unusual conditions, for unusual reasons. The rate of love at first sight will increase, but also of sudden break-ups. New alliances you wouldn't have thought of will be created, or old ones will break with no warning.

At a macro level, in May 2014 will come back to the foreground conflicts, attacks, preoccupations related to peace, war, emergency reunions, diplomatic procedures, treaties, agreements.

Things will calm down to a certain extent in the last decanate of May 2014 when the Sun, located in Gemini now, can play a decisive role as a mediator and pacifist.

As for the rest, if one is determined to do a good job, they will do it: the Jupiter-Saturn trine and the transit of the Sun through Taurus will support the effort and perseverance needed for building durable things.

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May 2014 Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope
Free astrology predictions for all Western zodiac signs in May 2014

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