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June 2015

Monthly horoscope

A good month for all signs! Better than previous ones, anyway.

Venus and Jupiter unite their benefic energies to offer each one of us accomplishments or joys in one area or another.

Jupiter perfects the trine with Uranus, an aspect that generates innovation and progress.

Mercury resumes its direct motion. We’re getting rid of all the characteristic issues of Mercury retrograde, connected to intellect, information, decisions, communication, mass media, travels, paperwork and documents; also of the risk of misunderstanding, errors, conflict and accidents while traveling away from home.

However, Saturn, now in retrograde motion, returns in Scorpio, where it will stay until September. It’s likely that most of us will have to revisit an older, unresolved issue, from 2012-2014.

Finally, Venus’ retrograde cycle has to be noted, which will unfold in Virgo and Leo. From now till autumn, Venus will emphasize relationships.

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