Seducing the Virgo Woman

Astrology seduction insights: how to win the Virgo woman’s love.

Astrological Seduction Zodiac Sign: Virgo

How to Win the Virgo Woman’s Love

If you choose to go shopping with a Virgo woman, do your expense list before leaving home and prove her that you are willing to save money. Always watch the news and disinfect the toilet after you have used it. If you happen to go out to dinner, make sure it’s a place with clean toilets and starched waiters. Tell her the latest events at the stock exchange and that the second-hand shops have brought new merchandise.

The Virgo woman loves neither poverty nor extravagance. Nevertheless, once taken out, she will accept an invitation, a holiday or a trip only if it is of the highest standard. A virgin holding the horn of abundance often represents this sign. Her being very careful with her expenses doesn’t necessarily denote avarice or greed - but a wise distribution of her resources.

You can easily impress the Virgo woman by telling her about how you’ve saved an animal from drowning, but she will be furious once she finds hairs from the same animal brought to her house. Therefore, take her a good vacuum cleaner along with some subtle curtains mapped out by a dim light, which is just perfect for love confessions.
If she is convinced nobody will violate her privacy and, on the other hand, encouraged to give herself away, the Virgo woman will prove, despite her exactingness (which made these women have a bad affective reputation) to be open-minded about erotic pleasures, playing a fascinating, indecent erotic game.

Spare no effort to keep the Virgo woman active! You will need neither Taurus’s manliness nor Leo’s passion. You will only need the glow of a Fire sign and the agility of an Air sign. Beware: the Virgo woman finds foreplay to be very important, otherwise, too much thinking might turn her thoughts away from any sexual fantasy.

[ Seducing the Virgo woman ]


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Seducing the Virgo Woman
Astrology insights on how to charm the Virgo woman

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