Seducing the Scorpio Woman

Astrology seduction insights: how to win the Scorpio woman’s love.

Astrological Seduction Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

How to Win the Scorpio Woman’s Love

The first step you have to take with the Scorpio woman is to resist her look intensely fixed on the "pray". You can even blink at her with complicity and let her understand you "have walked into her trap". She will go round and hunt you slowly, like any other "poisonous" animal that knows you only have a few more days to live after the direct contact. She will chase you with so much passion and perseverance that once set free, you will miss the vigour of life.

When you go out with the Scorpio woman, take her to shops, but don’t promise her anything! Wait until you are sure about what she wants or looks for. What she wants could be almost the Moon in the sky, but after several failed turns, she will stop in front of an object from the antiquity or the commission shop. You shouldn’t be surprised if the Scorpio woman chooses a 24 carat gold jewellery that weighs more than 10 grams. She is not the kind of woman to go for trifles.

If you want to avoid this kind of strong sensations while shopping with the Scorpio woman, be quicker and bring her "lighter" presents such as black, fashionable lingerie, or get a good, well-paid job for her, in case you can pull off something like that.

If you want to spend a weekend with the Scorpio woman, you have to plan it carefully, not necessarily for a high-class place, but for comfort and privacy. She doesn’t always like being seen or heard. Her erotic moments are rather... loud and she is crazy about making love where nobody can hear or recognize her.

During your erotic meetings, you should provide an intense, yet pleasant prelude, so that the sexual energy has a harmonious flow. If you passed the test of extreme pleasures and all possible delight successfully, you will be part of the Scorpio woman’s life for a long time. But if you just offered her a mere wishwash, change your route immediately and stop wasting her time!

The Scorpio woman can love intensely, but God only knows that a failure can mean a long-term disappointment to her, and the next coming after you could pay for your guilt.

If you succeed, you will enjoy an exceptional relationship: profound, fascinating and lasting.

[ Seducing the Scorpio woman ]


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Seducing the Scorpio Woman
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