Understanding the Scorpio Woman

Romantic profile of the Scorpio woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Scorpio Woman

If you want to seduce the Scorpio woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Scorpio woman, more or less beautiful, has a great sex appeal that sometimes she cultivates to vulgarity and sometimes she is not even aware of. She emancipates very quickly even if her behaviour sometimes shows traces of an involuntary primitiveness.

Being in search for refinement is Scorpio woman’s personal charm as she is the bearer of one of the most important energies of human beings: the sexual energy. It is the energy she will have to cope with all her life. She will have to accept this energy, to know it, control it and share it with the others. This is not an easy task in the confused world we live in and this is why being less charming or not at all charming is the sign of a very mature mission of life.

Don’t avoid the Scorpio woman and don’t underestimate her! She is strong, straightforward, with no obsolete ideas, but often with no courage. However, if she follows her heart, the Scorpio woman will be an overwhelming feminine presence ever since adolescence, extremely sensual and natively provocative, well put together, exciting, with or without strange clothes, but definitely with a strange vocabulary!

The Scorpio woman knows what decisions to make and how to act, in other words she can manage by herself. Her touch thrills and the moves of her body stimulates. She has electric fingers and naughty breasts, a tempting abdomen and thighs that are delicately and erotically flavoured. The attitudes of disorder and abandon, as well as the waiting of the sexual union fit her perfectly because, we must say, they are part of her native gifts.

The Scorpio woman is made to be loved, looked for and respected for the pleasures she can offer. If she also educated, what else can a man ask for?

[ Understanding the Scorpio woman ]


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Understanding the Scorpio Woman
Romantic profile of the Scorpio woman

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