Understanding the Sagittarius Woman

Romantic profile of the Sagittarius woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Sagittarius Woman

If you want to seduce the Sagittarius woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Sagittarius woman has high dreams! Not ambitions, but dreams, remember that, because there is a big difference. The Leo or Scorpio woman could have ambitions. The Sagittarius woman will dream of you two discovering a new Atlantis or exploring a planet from another universe.

The Sagittarius woman is both interested in who really discovered America and what is new that Buddhism brings to the human being. She is able to fascinate you on your first date because of her passionate aspiration to discover God but she will be glad if you help her realize He is in a cookery book as well as in the cosmogonic myths.

The Sagittarius woman resembles the Gemini woman as regards only the informational appetite, but her interest goes beyond the news reports on TV channels. The Sagittarius woman is dynamic, but much slower than the Aries woman is, and willing to sacrifice for the others, but not as much as the Virgo woman.

Because she likes travelling, the Sagittarius woman knows many stories that she will captivate you with on your very first date, and because she likes political, custom and law changes, she will keep herself well informed. She is also good at throwing some great parties. Abundance is part of her charm - she is a woman of abundance literally and metaphorically.

The hedonistic Sagittarius woman is tall, strong and corpulent, as a sign of her sincere love for life. Near this woman, you will fully enjoy the ordinary, often pastoral pleasures of life that God left for the people incarnate on this Earth for a well-deserved holiday after many existences of work and effort. If you think you are a man of family, don’t miss your chance. You will have anything you need and you will make love in a satisfactory way until you are old.

The Sagittarius woman that likes exploring is more passionate, golden and solar, with a special will and a mental dynamism one can envy, that makes you enlarge your knowledge so that it comprises the whole universe.

The Sagittarius woman is always warm, fresh, passionate, enthusiastic, talkative, prompt and generous. Don’t be surprised if she naturally takes the check at the restaurant. She will do it the second time too, but if it becomes a habit, she will pack you off so as not to call her again.

[ Understanding the Sagittarius woman ]


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Understanding the Sagittarius Woman
Romantic profile of the Sagittarius woman

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