Understanding the Libra Woman

Romantic profile of the Libra woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Libra Woman

If you want to seduce the Libra woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Libra woman is endowed with charms from the moment she is born, which makes her be preoccupied with highlighting all her qualities rather than shaping one in particular. According to some old astrological beliefs, the Libra woman is the ideal lover, which could be true from many points of view. If we are talking about ancient beliefs, we can trust them; the medieval ones should be doubted though, because they refer to the perfect woman as a physical presence in society.

Indeed, the Libra woman knows like no other woman to be genuinely feminine, from her most rebel hair to the most (apparently) insignificant ply of her gown. With her, everything is well matched and added because it has to mark out the perfect combination of colours, shapes and gestures. Her way of dressing is always cheerful and deliberately chosen, like a balance between extravagance and common sense. Her jewels are always exquisite and her perfumes make you want to hug her, to possess her like an adornment meant to enchant the rest of your life.

The Libra woman is, indeed, made to receive appreciation, compliments, declarations, to capture looks, men, love and when she is more profane, even money. She loves getting involved into relationships - her life would not make sense without socializing - and sometimes even getting married. She gets married very easily, not necessarily to have a husband, but to have a "mate".

The Libra woman is not the traditional kind of woman. She is not interested in the idea of family and/or in reproduction. She takes great interest in complementarity, opposition, polarization, both affective and erotic. You will always recognize a Libra woman by the nice fragrance she leaves behind her and the pleasure with which she buys anything concerning her physical appearance and her personal beauty.

[ Understanding the Libra woman ]


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Understanding the Libra Woman
Romantic profile of the Libra woman

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