Understanding the Leo Woman

Romantic profile of the Leo woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Leo Woman

If you want to seduce the Leo woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Leo woman is one of the most fascinating human beings! She is among the women who know how to highlight their value, regardless of their financial or intellectual power. God has endowed the Leo woman with an emotional capacity that, if left alone, becomes a real engine of manifesting her erotic, physic and sentimental vitality.

The Leo woman will never hesitate in front of a piece of clothing or jewellery if it fits her perfectly, no matter what the price is. Subconsciously, the more expensive an object is, the more it deserves being bought and worn, which stimulates and amplifies her pleasure of acting different roles on the stage of life.

The Leo woman will always play the role of great love or of misunderstood artist successfully, from the image of a mother to that of the ideal lover. Passionate, beautiful, solar, shining, intuitive, creative and erotically imaginative, the Leo woman can become the aim of any man who wants to make a good impression in the society, taking at his arm a woman of a sumptuous royalty, dressed up according to the latest fashion.

Who would guess that the Leo woman’s born charm lies in the capacity to turn down exactly what she wants and that her way of saying "no" - na?ve and innocent - is charming by its authenticity? Her little snub nose, her big eyes with long lashes, the slightly open lips can shatter all the promises made (to other wives) by unconscious men or weak-willed males.

[ Understanding the Leo woman ]


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Understanding the Leo Woman
Romantic profile of the Leo woman

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