Understanding the Gemini Woman

Romantic profile of the Gemini woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Gemini Woman

If you want to seduce the Gemini woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Gemini woman is always in a hurry. She has a lot to read and to write, a lot of things to discover and to share with others. It’s like you don’t stand a chance to get into her good graces or into her attention span if you weren’t on her priority list.

You can meet the Gemini woman at a conference, at a symposium, in a school’s halls, just a few minutes before an exam, in a bookshop or simply talking on the phone. Especially when she notices she is being followed, analysed or admired, she knows how to play the cute little girl or the helpless very well (Mercury, the ruler of Gemini sign, can put on any mask). So, beware of these "mental gestures" which reveal a very agile mind.

Even if she has a date, the Gemini woman can easily decide to keep her partner waiting on the ground that they broadcast some events from the other end of the world on TV. Because she doesn’t like apologising, the Gemini woman will enthusiastically tell her date about this event. She will probably exaggerate, adding facts from her own imagination so that the man who was on the verge of cancelling the date (firmly convinced he has no luck with women) to think that her reason for being late makes their destiny change the course of history.

Behaving like an adolescent, the Gemini woman can turn this flaw of her mental stray into a charming ease. Her lack of a prominent femininity can be overlooked thanks to her lack of interest in fashion, cosmetics and others of this kind.

Gemini woman is typically known as a chatterbox. Nevertheless, she can easily play the shy woman to make sure she will manage to seduce. She is not crazy about going out at restaurants but she will do her best to take you somewhere in order to test your manners.

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Understanding the Gemini Woman
Romantic profile of the Gemini woman

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