Understanding the Aries Woman

Romantic profile of the Aries woman in astrology: likes and dislikes in a romantic partner, what she expects from couple life.

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Romantic Profile of the Aries Woman

If you want to seduce the Aries woman, you need to start by understanding her ways:

The Aries woman always knows how to charm her admirers. Eager to share her love with someone (feelings that are, in her case, an everlasting resource), she wastes a lot of time looking in the mirror, not necessarily because she is a stylish woman, but because she aims at being in someone’s centre of attention.

The Fire element, which supports the Aries energetical structure, is dynamic. This makes the Aries woman be full of initiative all the time, always caught in the middle of some activity, which cannot be postponed, or excited by the idea of starting something new. And when nobody wants, can or feels like building a better world along with her, the only thing that can be started is a relationship. Whether this relationship will last or not is in God’s hands only.

Even though the Aries woman is usually untidy and absent-minded, when she wants a relationship, she suddenly starts wearing perfume, make-up and elegant clothes.

If seducing is up to her, this will point out her crazy, passionate and even explosive femininity, which can make any man lose his head especially if he belongs to the category of men that think women have no more secrets to them. In this case, when the Aries woman seduces the man, the only danger for the couple is her tendency - conscious or not - to be in charge.

If the Aries woman is being seduced, she will resort to all that Mars (the ruler of this sign) endowed her with, in order to make this energy of the beginning be intensely lived. As the poet says: "she doesn’t want to but she finally gives in", and as the saying goes: "Go away, come here / Stay still, don’t leave me alone". She is rather confusing, she declares her love enthusiastically and she focuses on the need of being together.

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Understanding the Aries Woman
Romantic profile of the Aries woman

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