Understanding the Taurus Man

Astrological love profile of the Taurus man: how he loves, what he expects from couple life, likes and dislikes in a romantic partner.

Romancing the Zodiac Signs Taurus Man

Astrological Love Profile
of the Taurus Man

To seduce the Taurus man, you have to understand his ways first:

In love with life, the Taurus man is also in love with love, of course. He is a sensual, very physical person, to whom lust is probably the most powerful component of his temperament.

In his relationship with a woman, sensuality comes first and the Taurus man will stay with the woman he gets along best with from this point of view. One could say about the Taurus man that he "plays" a woman as well as he plays a cello: fervently, efficiently and... with gratitude. The Taurus man almost despises the men who don’t try to offer a woman everything she wants.

Although the Taurus man is well known for the wisdom he spends his money with, he will show his feelings not only by means of words and gestures, but presents too, because, beneath his practical appearance, the Taurus man is, like any other Venusian, a romantic.

The Taurus man keeps his promises. That is because he doesn’t make a promise unless he is certain he can live up to it, and he is certain of that only after having analysed the situation very carefully.

The Taurus man has the sense of stability and this is why he seldom begins or puts an end to a relationship. He can enjoy the pleasure of sex with many women, of course, but to him, a relationship is something much more serious than that.

In his youth, the Taurus man passes from one woman to another, with eagerness and curiosity. However, when he decides to settle down for life, the Taurus man stops joking: he chooses carefully, with no haste, analysing the advantages and drawbacks, and he decides only after a mature examination.
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Understanding the Taurus Man
Astrological love profile of the Taurus man

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