Seducing the Virgo Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Virgo man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Virgo

How to Win the Virgo Man’s Heart

The Virgo man is more of a hunted than a hunter. For this reason, you are the one who will have to take the first step.

Approach the Virgo man directly, but tactfully. Find out which is his favourite topic, then read five books on that subject. Memorize several details (he is a master of detail), then challenge him to a conversation on that theme and admire his talent and competence in the field.

Wear classical and smart clothes, yet decent, and don’t use too much make-up. Don’t be late on your date - punctuality is very important to the Virgo man. Don’t be extravagant and wasteful. If you invite him to your place, make sure it is tidy and very clean.

Make the Virgo man feel safe emotionally and don’t try to arouse his jealousy - if he feels he is competing to a legion of men, the Virgo man will draw back discretely, but disappointed. Show interest in his health because he has certain tendencies towards hypochondria. Don’t ever laugh at his little manias, listen patiently to his critics of the others, but try to temper him with tact.

The Virgo man is very reluctant in deciding to get married and he will pay attention to the candidate for this step to see if she is financially stable, if she can offer support in life and if she is able to set up a comfortable and cosy home. You won’t live the passion of your life with the Virgo man but you will feel protected, cared for and... you will always be able to rely on him for housework.
[ Seducing the Virgo man ]


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Seducing the Virgo Man
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