Seducing the Taurus Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Taurus man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Taurus

How to Win the Taurus Man’s Heart

The Taurus man is sensual. His senses are extremely keen, especially the sense of feeling, of smell and the gustatory one. You can therefore try to seduce the Taurus man with bewildering fragrances or by preparing him the meal of his dreams.

Caress the back of his head or his neck as by chance. Take care of your skin, make sure it is soft and silky and put on refined fabrics, made of natural fibre. If the Taurus man likes you, he will try to touch you because of his very keen sense of feeling that makes him unconsciously feel the need to evaluate by fondling.

Make sure that the atmosphere is romantic and comfortable: dim light, good music, in an undertone, and refined drink. When making conversation, avoid talking about your former lovers. Possessive and jealous by nature, even when the Taurus man accepts a woman with a "past", he doesn’t like being reminded of it.

If you are also interested in the material aspect of the relationship, be very subtle about it because Mr. Taurus likes giving, but can’t stand being demanded.

If nature didn’t endow you with a very strong sexuality, don’t get involved in a relationship with a Taurus man - you might not cope with it. Don’t try to play the "I want you, I don’t want you anymore" game with a Taurus man, his practical sense might direct him to something more available.

One last piece of advice, just in case: avoid getting involved with a married Taurus man - he won’t divorce!
[ Seducing the Taurus man ]


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Seducing the Taurus Man
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