Seducing the Sagittarius Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Sagittarius man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

How to Win the Sagittarius Man’s Heart

The Sagittarius man almost instantly responds to the advances of a woman who emanates energy and sex appeal. Make yourself beautiful, show optimism and humour. Let him discover you, follow you, surprise you - the Sagittarius man loves behaving like a boy scout on mission.

Listen to him carefully and only then ask him questions. Invite him somewhere in the open air, preferably by car, and praise his talent as a driver (sometime, the Sagittarius man was famous for his passion for horses and horsemanship; nowadays this passion transferred to cars) while you gently touch his thigh. Find reasons to laugh wholehearted next to him, suggest going to fascinating places together.

Allow him much freedom, avoid being jealous or reproaching. Don’t tell the Sagittarius man he owes you, he hates responsibilities. Avoid taking a motherly care of him because it irritates him and don’t ever tell him that he hasn’t grown up yet.

Friendship is very important to the Sagittarius man so accept his friends and be warm and friendly. Support him in making his dreams come true, share his enthusiasm and never tell him his goals are impossible or unrealistic.
[ Seducing the Sagittarius man ]


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Seducing the Sagittarius Man
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