Seducing the Gemini Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Gemini man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Gemini

How to Win the Gemini Man’s Heart

If you want to win a Gemini man, you have to be cheerful, witty and not to look charmed by him. Shock him with a naughty look and then give him a confusing smile. Invite him to a movie and then to dinner, at a Chinese restaurant. Touch his arm or hand gently, as if you wanted to underline something you said.

Don’t bother with your outfit too much because it doesn’t matter what you put on to the Gemini man, but only what you say. Tell jokes, be spontaneous and play with words. Dare him for a round of scrabble, backgammon, chess, etc.

The Gemini man has a childish temperament and responds very well to games, even to the sexual and emotional ones. Be different all the time, don’t let him read you, don’t let him get bored. Always switch from passion to indifference and then to friendship.

Don’t bother cooking for the Gemini man, he won’t be impressed. You’d better "feed" him with new challenges and new interesting topics. Don’t nag him with soppy questions like: "How much do you love me?" or with reproaches like: "You didn’t even notice me this morning.", you’ll bore him terribly.

Don’t bring up marriage because the Gemini man is very quick and he might just disappear if he feels you want to take him freedom. Make him believe you just love him for now and you will keep him forever this way.
[ Seducing the Gemini man ]


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Seducing the Gemini Man
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