Seducing the Capricorn Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Capricorn man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

How to Win the Capricorn Man’s Heart

The Capricorn man is the kind that should be allowed to have the initiative. It is important though to let him know that you want him too, but do it in a subtle way.

The Capricorn man likes proud and class women. Wear quality things and few, but valuable jewels - he appreciates value.

Learn to behave irreproachably in society because the Capricorn man definitely aims at a good place in the hierarchy and the woman next to him has to cope with it. Show him you are ready to help him reach his goals, morally at least, if not with money or connections.

Mind that the Capricorn man needs attention, tenderness and affection, and that he does not stand being rejected or abandoned. Make him feel admired, appreciated, respected and wanted. Don’t be cheap with compliments. Let him understand you need him and trust him completely.

If you won a Capricorn man, don’t think for a moment that you can change him. Don’t contradict him, don’t defy or hurt him, because the Capricorn man tends to accumulate discontent and resent. If you want him to consider your opinions and wishes, you’ll have to learn how to be diplomat - diplomacy is a quality he values. At first, sentimental blackmail might work but after a while, he will learn how to avoid or counteract it.

For a gentle and diplomat woman, the Capricorn man is one of the ideal husbands of the zodiac.
[ Seducing the Capricorn man ]


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Seducing the Capricorn Man
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