Seducing the Cancer Man

Astrology seduction hints and tips: how to catch the Cancer man.

Seduction Astrology Zodiac Sign: Cancer

How to Win the Cancer Man’s Heart

The Cancer man feels attracted to beautiful, warm, lively and optimistic women. He doesn’t take the first step too quickly because he is insecure and rather shy at the beginning. Therefore, you can have the initiative: show him you appreciate him, make him feel safe and try to spirit him up.

Put on sensual and feminine clothes, wear perfumes that remind him of the summer roses, create a romantic atmosphere. When making conversation, let the Cancer man understand in a very subtle way that family is sacred to you, that you dream of having a house of your own sometime, with a garden and a yard, that you love children. After a special meal, (the Cancer man is a gourmand), over a glass of wine, encourage him to share memories of your adolescence, of your childhood...but let him do most of the telling because he is a born teller, with an impressive memory.

Try to know the people that are close to him, especially his mother, whom if you succeed to win over you may consider that it is half the battle.

Don’t try to arouse the Cancer man’s jealousy because you will make him feel insecure and he may withdraw if he thinks he cannot trust you enough. Try not to contradict him, it’s better to be tactful and persuasive, and if he gets angry, don’t react, he’ll get over it naturally...

Remember that the moment the Cancer man falls in love, he becomes possessive and somewhat conventional. To keep the fire, prove him you are a special woman and surprise him every now and then with moments full of romanticism and fantasy.
[ Seducing the Cancer man ]


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Seducing the Cancer Man
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