Understanding the Leo Man

Astrological love profile of the Leo man: how he loves, what he expects from couple life, likes and dislikes in a romantic partner.

Romancing the Zodiac Signs Leo Man

Astrological Love Profile
of the Leo Man

To seduce the Leo man, you have to understand his ways first:

Love is the engine of the universe to the Leo man. In his opinion, love has to be great, spectacular and dramatic, like the troubadours used to sing.

The Leo man enjoys love and enjoys being in love. A fervent lover, very attached to a certain erotic and aesthetic quality of the sexual relation, he gives himself completely or, better, he "lends" himself completely in each relationship.

The Leo man loves with style and no inhibitions and he has the special talent to give a magic aura to his love story. If you are the chosen one, he will treat you like a goddess and he will certainly make you forget that there are other men on Earth.

The male Leo is romantic and generous, and one of the ways he shows his generosity is by offering many gifts to his sweetheart. Moreover, these gifts will not simply consist of chocolate boxes, but of expensive, exotic, hard to get presents.

The wonderful and generous Mr. Leo likes protecting his partner; he will fight for her and take risks, just like in the chivalrous stories. In return, she will have to show him an unconditioned faithfulness and an incorruptible admiration, as well as to make the others envy the Leo man for having such a refined, beautiful and elegant woman at his arm. In conclusion, the Leo man demands that his partner is worthy of his prestige.
[ Understanding the Leo man ]


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Understanding the Leo Man
Astrological love profile of the Leo man

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