Understanding the Cancer Man

Astrological love profile of the Cancer man: how he loves, what he expects from couple life, likes and dislikes in a romantic partner.

Romancing the Zodiac Signs Cancer Man

Astrological Love Profile
of the Cancer Man

To seduce the Cancer man, you have to understand his ways first:

The Cancer man is polite and courteous, a kind of old-times’ knight. He cares for safety, family and traditional values very much. He is very passionate and, at the same time, rather careful about where his passion is headed to. He does not show his passion from the beginning because he must trust the chosen one first.

It is very easy to fall in love with a Cancer man for his sensitive and artistic nature, for his subtlety and fantasy, but it is difficult to put up with his anxieties, his frequent and complicated changes of mood, suspicion and emotional blackmail. The woman besides a Cancer man has to learn to tell his mood by different signs and attitudes: a peevish grumbling might mean that he feels rejected and needs encouragement; if he becomes pettifogging and quarrelsome, it means he feels unappreciated and needs to be praised; if he gets close to you, it means he needs comforting and fondling.

The Cancer man needs proofs of your love and faithfulness and he looks for steady relationships. Unfaithfulness hurts him terribly and even if he rationally forgives it, emotionally he never does. His sexuality is not impetuous, but warm and rich, imaginative and sensual.

The Cancer man knows and feels women very well, he knows how to make them happy and his erotic ways aim at each part of his partner’s body.
[ Understanding the Cancer man ]


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Understanding the Cancer Man
Astrological love profile of the Cancer man

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