Virgo woman dating Scorpio man

Are the Virgo woman and the Scorpio man soulmates in the Zodiac?

Horoscope Love Match

Horoscope love match:
Virgo woman - Scorpio man

The Scorpio man and the Virgo woman are compatible from many points of view, but not from the erotic one, which makes a relationship between them be difficult.

In time, the Virgo woman will become more and more dissatisfied, and the Scorpio man will become brutally straightforward. If the Virgo woman is willing to make certain compromises, the relationship could work.

For a while, the relationship could prove to be stimulating at the intellectual level, but the Scorpio man will soon feel the need to escape in order to get erotic satisfaction.

In conclusion, between the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman there can be a short-term relationship, but a marriage risks failure.

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The Virgo woman - Scorpio man romance
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