Scorpio woman dating Cancer man

Are the Scorpio woman and the Cancer man soulmates in the Zodiac?

Horoscope Love Match

Horoscope love match:
Scorpio woman - Cancer man

The Scorpio woman has a strong personality and feels the need to dominate and to protect the Cancer man - exactly what best suits the latter.

The Cancer man is tenderer in the erotic relationship, and the Scorpio woman more passionate. All that the Cancer man wants is to satisfy his partner, which contributes to keeping the harmony in their erotic life.

The Scorpio woman is very jealous by nature, but the Cancer man is a faithful partner and won't give her reasons to be jealous.

Between the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman there can only be a harmonious relationship, with chances to turn into a successful marriage.

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The Scorpio woman - Cancer man romance
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