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Sagittarius woman - Virgo man

The Sagittarius woman has a cheerful and care-free vision on love, which makes the Virgo man go mad.

The Virgo man needs certainty, which he can't obtain from the relationship with the Sagittarius woman, because she doesn't try at all to understand the needs of the partner.

Moreover, the Sagittarius woman can't stand the sensible and puritan attitude of the Virgo man when it comes to the sexual life. Sooner or later, the Sagittarius woman will look someplace else for the sexual stimulant she can't find in the Virgo man.

The Virgo man and the Sagittarius woman can spend a weekend together, but a long-term relationship or a marriage wouldn't have chances to succeed.

Sagittarius man - Virgo woman

The relationship between the Sagittarius man and the Virgo woman will develop increasingly worse.

The Sagittarius man, with his relaxed attitude, gets on the Virgo woman's nerves.

From time to time, the Sagittarius man and the Virgo woman can get along well at the sexual level, but the fights at the other levels won't stop though.

The Virgo woman spends all her time reading, is serious and prefers a simple life. Therefore, she doesn't really have much in common with the careless and impulsive Sagittarius man, who prefers activities outside home. In his turn, the Sagittarius man considers that the Virgo woman is very boring.

With a little luck, between the Sagittarius man and the Virgo woman there could be a short romantic affair, but a long-term relationship is out of the question.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Sagittarius-Virgo Horoscope Love Match
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