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Pisces woman - Virgo man

The Virgo man associates love with certainty, with satisfying physical needs, and compatibility at the intellectual level. For the Pisces woman, love is almighty, it is the quintessence of life, it is beauty, romanticism and intense experiences.

The tenderness and the discipline in the Virgo man's sexual life can't satisfy the great, barrier-free wishes of the Pisces woman.

If the Virgo man does not give up the close-minded mentality that governs his sexual life, the relationship with the Pisces woman will be uncomfortable for both and will lack satisfactions.

Pisces man - Virgo woman

The Pisces man, over affectionate, doesn't benefit from too much satisfaction on behalf of the Virgo woman, who is very reserved. The Virgo woman rejects the numerous erotic demands of the Pisces man and becomes exceedingly critical and nagging.

Problems don't end here though. The Virgo woman, prudent and logic, won't tolerate the extravagant tastes and the stubbornness of the Pisces man. The Virgo woman plans every action, while the Pisces man acts according to the spur of the moment and then changes his mind.

Between the Pisces man and the Virgo woman there can only be a tense relationship, and a marriage won't offer them too many satisfactions.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Pisces-Virgo Horoscope Love Match
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