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Pisces woman - Libra man

The association between the Libra man and the Pisces woman foreshadows to be complicated.

The Libra man appreciates the tenderness, sensitivity and commitment of the Pisces woman. However, the Pisces woman is not capable of ruling, and the Libra man refuses to take the role of a leader. After a while, the Libra man starts to get fed up with the suffocating addiction of the partner, and the Pisces woman does not agree on the various preoccupations of the Libra man outside home.

The moment the Libra man becomes nagging and critical, the Pisces woman will be completely unhappy by his side.

If the Libra man and the Pisces woman try to have a steady relationship or a marriage, the failure is not far.

Pisces man - Libra woman

The Pisces man and the Libra woman can hardly get along, but they are quite compatible at the erotic level. However, the erotic compatibility is not enough for them to have a solid relationship.

The Libra woman cannot be the master the Pisces man needs. Both of them like luxury, but neither of them is willing to work in order to have it.

In the relationship between the Pisces man and the Libra woman, the two partners pull in different directions. In case of a marriage between the Pisces man and the Libra woman, they will both be dissatisfied.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Pisces-Libra Horoscope Love Match
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