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Libra woman - Leo man

The Leo man is convinced that sex is a physical necessity, whereas the Libra woman considers sex to be more than this. However, that doesn't prevent them from feeling good together, as the Libra woman reacts quite passionately to the right stimulus.

The Libra woman, although not an enthusiast by nature, must never forget to praise the Leo man for his erotic talent. Also, the Libra woman has to take into consideration the fact that the Leo man cannot stand shy partners, so she'd better refrain from manifesting reserve of such kind. In his turn, the Leo man will have to refrain from his outbursts of pride and authority.

If the Leo man and the Libra woman manage to reinforce these compromise rules, they can make a compatible and solid pair.

Libra man - Leo woman

The Libra man and the Leo woman satisfy each other's needs and wishes.

The Leo woman is a sensual person and the Libra man is an expansive one. They both pay special attention to the erotic side of the relationship. There will certainly be flames of passion in bed.

In a possible clash of vanities, the Libra man has to give in to the Leo woman. It won't be difficult for him to do it, as he is usually cooperative. Tact and strategy are the strengths of the Libra man.

A relationship between the Libra man and the Leo woman promise to be hot and has all the chances to turn into quite a warm home.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Libra-Leo Horoscope Love Match
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