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Leo woman - Gemini man

The Gemini man and the Leo woman are the perfect partners.

The Leo woman, altruist and generous, is easily manipulated by the Gemini man, and she loves it.

The Gemini man proves ingenuity and ability during the sexual act, and the Leo woman answers back with admiration and affection. The Leo woman settles with allowing the Gemini man to mind his own business, without becoming suspicious.

The relationship will overflow with positive energy, and a marriage has high chances to succeed.

Leo man - Gemini woman

The Gemini woman has to show a lot of intelligence in order to keep the Leo man by her side, as the Leo man, although he's easy-going and tolerant, can't stand being cheated on.

What favors the Gemini woman enormously is her natural behavior. The Gemini woman succeeds in challenging and fascinating the Leo man, but sometimes she can also exasperate him.

The Leo man is the strongest personality in the couple and will dominate with no difficulty, which is very important to him.

The Leo man and the Gemini woman can have a good time together, and a marriage will turn out to be satisfying.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Leo-Gemini Horoscope Love Match
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