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Capricorn woman - Gemini man

The Gemini man is too voluntary, impetuous and independent for the Capricorn woman, who's traditional, stable and the family type.

From the erotic point of view, the Capricorn woman won't always be herself around the Gemini man. The Capricorn woman has extra preoccupations in addition to the daily ones - the job, the money, the career - and thinks that the Gemini man is absent-minded.

The relationship between the Gemini man and the Capricorn woman is possible, but a successful marriage would be the living proof that love conquers all.

Capricorn man - Gemini woman

The mutual attraction that the Capricorn man and the Gemini woman initially feel is not more than the legendary attraction of the opposite poles, but this attraction does not last. The Capricorn man, pragmatic and ambitious, won't stand for long the indecisiveness and the moods that characterize the Gemini woman.

At the erotic level, the Capricorn man and the Gemini woman are very different. Whereas the Gemini woman is impulsive, frivolous and easy to please, the Capricorn man is calm, faithful and thoughtful.

No matter how big the physical attraction between the Capricorn man and the Gemini woman is (at least in the beginning) they are not compatible and their relationship won't last.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Capricorn-Gemini Horoscope Love Match
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