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Cancer woman - Leo man

The Leo man is likely to look for fleeting affairs, while the Cancer woman wants a relationship to get involved in.

The Cancer woman wants more than ravishing sex, she wants stability, commitment and those small gestures that lend charm to a relationship. The Leo man is willing to offer the Cancer woman what she wants, as long as he receives in exchange all her love, but also her adulation.

If the Leo man and the Cancer woman are not willing to make compromises, there will be conflicts. Otherwise, the stars are on their side.

Cancer man - Leo woman

The Leo woman has the capacity to stabilize the whims of the Cancer man. As she manifests her affection with no reserve, the Leo woman manages to give the Cancer man the security he so much needs.

On the other hand, the Leo woman needs to be praised and admired especially for the ability she proves in bed, where she feels the need to dominate the Cancer man.

If the Cancer man makes compromises and offers the Leo woman what she wants, together they can build a passionate relationship and a fulfilled marriage.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Cancer-Leo Horoscope Love Match
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