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Aquarius woman - Leo man

When the Leo man and the Aquarius woman make love, there's a lot of passion involved.

The Leo man is challenged and at the same time annoyed by the Aquarius woman's tendency of analyzing everything. This way, the Aquarius woman risks destroying the Leo man's trust in his master-like powers.

Also, the appetite for spicy things the Aquarius woman shows in bed might get on the Leo man's nerves and drive him away pretty soon.

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman can be occasional sex partners, but under no circumstances can they be life partners.

Aquarius man - Leo woman

The relationship between the Aquarius man and Leo woman can start in an interesting way, but things can take an unpleasant turn.

The major problem lies in the fact that the Leo woman is eager for physical passion, while the Aquarius man is stimulated by mental activity. The Aquarius man is not willing to offer the Leo woman the admiration she needs for her erotic performance.

Both of them are independent natures: the Leo woman will try to dominate but the Aquarius man won't stand being ruled.

The Aquarius man and the Leo woman, although receptive from the erotic point of view, are too different to hold on together for a long period of time.

Astrologer: Ariana
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Aquarius-Leo Horoscope Love Match
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