The Chinese Rooster: Love And Relationships

Chinese Zodiac Rooster - Love
The Rooster Zodiac Sign

What can you expect of a conformist, old-fashioned person? In a sentimental relationship, the Rooster wants stability, peace and equilibrium. The Rooster is not tempted to have affairs, and ardent passions are not his/her type.

The Rooster is not by far a comfortable partner. Although (s)he can't stand being criticized, (s)he notices and comments on the slightest flaw of the other one. In a Rooster's house, the balance is useless: (s)he will notice with precision every extra kilo that his/her partner has put on.

The Rooster is as jealous as (s)he is exacting. It only takes a look of the partner at another person to start a scandal!

To seduce a Rooster, you have to constantly tell him/her that (s)he is irresistible, to take care of him/her and satisfy all his/her wishes. Besides that, you have to be willing to accompany your Rooster when going out, to meetings or just paying visits.

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The Chinese Rooster: Love And Relationships
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