The Rat - Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese Zodiac The Rat
The Rat Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Rat if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Rat.

The Rat enjoys all pleasures of life and likes refined food and good wine. The Rat is curious by nature about anything and (s)he feels any chance of getting a profit very easily: a real opportunist.

The Rat has a rich imagination urging him/her to escape from daily routine by making little surprises to friends. The Rat's family and especially children are delighted at his/her protective love, total commitment to his/her family that manifests as soon as (s)he gets out of the house.

The Rat has a charismatic personality and (s)he knows how to keep him/herself surrounded by a mysterious aura. The Rat usually establishes connections to people that can help him/her (at least in the beginning - like a real opportunist). But sometimes a sincere and strong friendship emerges from here.

The Rat is faithful in love and devoted to friends. The Rat usually has rather few friends because (s)he chooses them carefully. When necessary, the Rat knows how to get anything (s)he wants from them. The Rat has a born ability to manipulate the people around him/her without remorse and without feeling guilty.

Distrustful by nature, the Rat is secretive about his/her personal life. (S)He is highly sensitive and (s)he can't stand being mocked at or being reproached with anything. If a Rat feels threatened in any way, (s)he becomes aggressive and attacks first.

The Rat has to be careful not to be too cynical because (s)he might upset the others. The Rat is also very demanding and (s)he tends to be over critical (which is called fault-finding).

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 The Rat in Chinese Astrology:

The Rat - Chinese Zodiac Sign
Chinese zodiac: Rat - Chinese astrology

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