The Rat in Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Astrology
First Animal Sign

Your Chinese astrology sign is the Rat if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Rat.

The Rat is the first animal sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle:

  • Earthly Branch (animal): zi
  • Wu Xing (element): shui (water)
  • Polarity: Yang
  • Season: Winter
  • Month: December
  • Counterpart in Western Astrology: Sagittarius

Personality of the Rat

The Rat enjoys all pleasures of life and likes refined food and good wine. He is curious by nature about anything and he spots any chance of getting a profit very easily, as he is an opportunist.

The Rat has a rich imagination urging him to escape from daily routine by making little surprises to his friends. The Rat's family and especially children are delighted at his protective love and total commitment.

The Rat has a charismatic personality and he knows how to keep himself surrounded by a mysterious aura. The Rat usually establishes connections to people that can help him, at least in the beginning (like a true opportunist). But sometimes a sincere and strong friendship emerges from here.

The Rat is faithful in love and devoted to friends. He usually has rather few friends because he chooses them carefully. When necessary, he knows how to get anything he wants from them. The Rat has an innate ability to manipulate the people around him without hesitation and without feeling guilty.

Distrustful by nature, the Rat is secretive about his personal life. He is highly sensitive and he can't stand being mocked at or being reproached with anything. If a Rat feels threatened in any way, he becomes aggressive and attacks first.

The Rat has to be careful not to be too cynical because he might upset the others. He is also very demanding and tends to be over critical (people call this nit-picking).

The Rat: Work and Money

The Rat has a sharp mind and an innate talent as a strategist which make him a formidable negotiator. He thrives in the world of business. Due to his intuition, the Rat always knows in which direction things are going.

The Rat thinks very much but he doesn't like taking action. Nothing bores a Rat more than the obligation of carrying through certain tasks. His projects often fail because he isn't persistent and he doesn't get involved enough.

The Rat avoids routine and he hates feeling obliged to be in a certain place at a certain time. In fact, the Rat hates obligations and restrictions in general. The Rat's talent as a strategist only manifests when he is independent, but sometimes the Rat is rather lazy, even when it's about his own projects.

As far as money is concerned, the Rat can be extravagant or mean, depending on his mood. In spite of all this, prodigality gets on his nerves.

The Rat is rational and practical, so he is able to adapt to any financial situation. Flair and ingenuity allow him to recover after a difficult situation. He usually has a secret resource that he doesn't hesitate to use when in need, to the joy of the ones close to him.

The Rat: Romantic Profile

Although sometimes the Rat may seem selfish, he is in fact a sentimental, sensitive person. He is easily carried away by jealousy and passion.

The Rat likes passionate, ardent love. All he is afraid of is routine and boredom. He would do anything in order to avoid monotony and he always uses his imagination. In relations, the Rat is just as comfortable as the one who loves, the one who is loved or the faithful friend.

In order to seduce a Rat, you have to be understanding, to respect his taste for mystery and to surprise him often. "Surprise me!" is a Rat's first demand.

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Astrologer: Ariana

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