The Pig - Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese Zodiac The Pig
The Pig Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Pig if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Pig.

The Pig is honest and dignified, determined and responsible, a partisan of the dictum "make haste slowly". The Pig can't stand lies, hypocrisy and slyness. The Pig has a highly sensitive conscience that pricks him/her when (s)he thinks (s)he did something wrong.

The Pig is generous and warm-hearted to people close to him/her, family or friends. Sometimes the Pig even exaggerates with generosity, because (s)he can't say no and many people take advantage of him/her.

However, the Pig is terribly determined not to disobey his/her principles. Nobody and nothing can make him/her change his/her opinion in this respect unless one comes with strong, convincing arguments. The Pig usually makes decisions without consulting the others, but (s)he also takes full responsibility. In case his/her plans don't succeed, the Pig meditates on his/her defeat in private and doesn't blame anybody for his/her mistakes.

Anytime a conflict arises, the Pig retreats prudently to his/her den, waiting for things to calm down. Sometimes the Pig will be reproached with running away from trouble instead of facing it, but (s)he just can't stand loud voices, arguments and intrigues over power. On the other hand, if attacked without chances to escape, the Pig turns into a very dangerous and violent opponent.

Although the Pig seems to be a gentle person from many points of view, in fact (s)he has a great appetite for life and adventure. Deep down in his/her heart, the Pig wishes to live intensely and experience all pleasures of life. The Pig a sensual person, a love expert - especially bodily love. The only risk is for the Pig to get lost in the world of sensual lust.

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The Pig - Chinese Zodiac Sign
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