The Monkey in Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Astrology
Ninth Animal Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Monkey if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Monkey.

The Monkey is the ninth animal sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle:

  • Earthly Branch (animal): shen
  • Wu Xing (element): jin (metal)
  • Polarity: Yang
  • Season: Autumn
  • Month: August
  • Counterpart in Western Astrology: Leo

Personality of the Monkey

The Monkey is the most intelligent animal of the Chinese zodiac. He has a special capacity of coming out safe and sound of any complication by appealing to slyness, refined intrigues and smart tricks.

The Monkey is at his best when in public, at high-class parties. He's a charming character, capable of entertaining with his figures and funny stories.

The Monkey likes mocking at anything and anybody but he also mocks at himself with amazing lucidity. On the stage of life, the Monkey plays the role of the "happy pessimist". He adjusts quickly to any situation, proving much ability.

If he has to face a strong opponent, the Monkey appeals to sliminess and sycophancy to turn them round. The Monkey is peerless when it comes to manipulation and he easily makes the others' suspicions disappear, pretending naturally. Crocodile tears and shameless lies are part of his arsenal. If he is given away, the Monkey has the decency to admit his mistakes and he eventually obtains people's forgiveness.

The Monkey is very playful and unstable. He leaps from branch to branch, from one problem to another, with childish vagary. The Monkey can't stand still or dedicate to one activity for long. At the slightest sign of boredom, the he launches to another tree. But behind his apery hides a wise man.

The Monkey: Work and Money

The Monkey is ambitious, imaginative and talented. He is able to work on multiple projects at the same time, with incredible speed. The Monkey is at his best when he has something new to deal with, when he confronts with projects that challenge his skills.

The Monkey is very skilled in business and negotiations. His enthusiasm is catching and mobilizes the people around. The Monkey succeeds rather easily in anything he does, but precisely this facile success becomes a problem: he gets too big for his boots, and becomes arrogant and mean to the others.

The Monkey cares for money because he thinks of it as a reference point for his own value. You will never see a Monkey work for free. He couldn't afford it, as a matter of fact, because he is used to spending, to offering a comfortable, luxurious life to his family. The Monkey likes giving expensive presents to his dear ones and he often spends much money on useless, unpractical presents, bought under the spur of the moment.

The Monkey doesn't know what putting money aside means, and he is sure that he will never be in need of anything. The truth is that the Monkey is also lucky.

The Monkey: Romantic Profile

The Monkey can't stand monotony and he needs passion, because it inflames his imagination.

The Monkey idealizes his partner and can't stand the fact that they are also human beings, with flaws and habits like any other person. On the other hand, he can't live alone, either.

The Monkey is an ageless adolescent, fanciful and keen on sentimental games. He's a master of seduction and breaks hearts with no remorse. In order to succeed, the Monkey makes use of his favorite weapons: cheerfulness, fantasy and slyness.

If you want to seduce a Monkey, you have to flatter him continuously, surprise him, laugh at his jokes and never yawn with boredom.

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Astrologer: Ariana

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