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Chinese Zodiac The Horse
The Horse Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Horse if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Horse.

To Chinese people, the Horse is the symbol of absolute happiness. This sign is endowed with the vivacity, loyalty and the elegance of a thorough bred animal, but with a childish anxiousness as well.

The Horse is at him/herself in society, and (s)he is a very pleasant and refined partner for conversations. The Horse's rational and intelligent thinking easily convince the interlocutors of the reliability of his/her points of view.

But a good speaker is hardly a person of action and this is the Horse's flaw. What prevents the Horse from taking action is the fear of failure, because (s)he never gets out of an adventure unharmed. On the other hand, when familiar with a domain and aware that (s)he has support to count on, the Horse ventures without hesitation.

The Horse doesn't like staying in one place: permanent movement animates him/her but (s)he prefers avoiding obstacles rather than jumping over them.

The Horse's dynamic spirit is forever active. (S)He doesn't usually waste or idle his/her time away but (s)he is neither attracted by long term plans because in this case (s)he doesn't feel motivated anymore. Generally, the Horse doesn't trust him/herself very much.

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The Horse - Chinese Zodiac Sign
Chinese zodiac: Horse - Chinese astrology

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