The Chinese Horse: Career And Money

Chinese Zodiac Horse - Career
The Horse Zodiac Sign

The Horse needs to feel independent, free and, above all, not to feel under observation.

The elegant way of speaking and persuasive words make the Horse an excellent salesperson, especially if (s)he has spent his/her day on the road. The Horse can't stand jobs that keep him/her locked in an office. Where's the action? The ideal job for a Horse has to keep him/her on the move.

The Horse likes being original and making fast decisions. Professions that require patience and thoroughness don't suit him/her. The Horse can be him/herself if (s)he is on the move. All (s)he has to know is when and where to stop.

The Horse does not put away and is not constant as far as money is concerned. If (s)he has it, that's a good thing, if (s)he doesn't, (s)he can live without it.

One thing is certain: money is not a Horse's first goal in life. On the contrary, quite often it's the last thing on his/her mind. And if we consider the Horse's unstable lifestyle, too - especially regarding his/her job which (s)he often changes - it's pretty obvious why the Horse's financial situation is always uncertain.

If it happens to be in great need of money, the Horse won't hesitate to sell his/her furniture or personal possessions. The Horse is more of an idealistic rather than a materialistic. (S)He trusts his/her luck and (s)he doesn't doubt for a moment that (s)he can go over any problem. Sometimes the Horse's opportunist nature comes in helpful.

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The Chinese Horse: Career And Money
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