The Dog in Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Astrology
Eleventh Animal Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Dog if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Dog.

The Dog is the eleventh animal sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle:

  • Earthly Branch (animal): xu
  • Wu Xing (element): tu (earth)
  • Polarity: Yang
  • Season: Autumn
  • Month: October
  • Counterpart in Western Astrology: Libra

Personality of the Dog

The Dog's outlook on life is materialistic and relies on a special moral sense. The Dog has a special flair and when he encounters unfairness he bristles completely. The Dog is against dishonesty and oppression. It's not a good idea to provoke him thinking that "The dog that barks does not bite" because it isn't true in his case. The louder he barks, the harder he bites.

The Dog is combative and cynical. In his opinion, the pessimist is just a well-informed optimist. Nothing takes him by surprise, not even the worst scenario. The Dog doesn't really believe in people's kindness and he generally doesn't trust unknown people. However, if you've won his heart, the Dog will be a reliable friend to you.

The Dog likes moving in the open air, away from the urban crowd. In the evening, nothing pleases him more than sitting by the fire while reading a book.

Philosopher and realist, the Dog does not imagine that he can change the world. To avoid being disappointed, the Dog chooses his friends carefully, after he has checked them thoroughly. In his closed world, in which affection is the most important, the Dog is finally himself: an eccentric and funny fellow.

The Dog: Work and Money

The Dog is fair and diligent. Even if he does not take passion in his work, he's perseverant and energetic.

The Dog is a realistic person. Due to his keen smell, he is always abreast of everything. The Dog usually thinks the worst first, that's why he is considered to be a notorious pessimist. But to him, the important thing is to foresee the problems and be prepared to deal with them.

The Dog is unselfish and devoted. He sets the greater good above his own, and this attitude brings him the others' friendship. He is the right person in any social domain: justice, teaching, etc.

When it comes to money, the Dog is terrified at the mere thought of being poor. It's not because he's greedy or desirous of luxury, but because he wants to offer happiness and welfare to his family.

The Dog might not be a great businessperson, but he always sniffs a profitable business. If he is suggested a good deal, he knows how to negotiate and then to act profitably. Otherwise, the Dog prefers cutting down expenses rather than finding himself in the mire.

The Dog: Romantic Profile

The Dog is faithful par excellence.

Most of the times, the Dog has to look for a long time to find the right partner. However, the Dog doesn't give up and he eventually finds his love.

The Dog knows how to make himself be loved. He is sincere, gentle, faithful and generous. He overwhelms his beloved with presents and he is their slave. Hre is a family person. Moreover, as he is rather pessimistic, the Dog doesn't expect much and thus he is often pleasantly surprised.

In order to seduce a Dog, his partner needs to know how to caress him (taking care not to rub him the wrong way!) and to talk to him about the undying love that they feel.

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Astrologer: Ariana

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The Dog in Chinese Zodiac
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