The Chinese Dog: Love And Relationships

Chinese Zodiac Dog - Love
The Dog Zodiac Sign

The Dog is faithful par excellence.

Most of the times, the Dog has to look for a long time to find the right partner. However, the Dog doesn't give up and (s)he eventually finds his/her love.

The Dog knows how to make him/herself be loved. The Dog is sincere, gentle, faithful and generous. The Dog overwhelms his/her beloved with presents and (s)he is his/her slave. The Dog is a family person. Moreover, as (s)he is rather pessimist, the Dog doesn't expect much and thus (s)he is often pleasantly surprised.

In order to seduce a Dog person, his/her partner has to know how to caress him/her (not against the hair, anyway!) and to talk to him/her about the undying love that (s)he feels.

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The Chinese Dog: Love And Relationships
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